UG Curriculum

The undergraduate programs have two components. The first component is the core program common to all students and is carefully planned to give the students a solid foundation of general education in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering Sciences, Technical Arts, and Humanities and Social Sciences. Besides these courses, students also undertake courses in Introduction to Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics of Solids, Nature and Properties of Materials, Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics in the first four semesters of the B.Tech program. Some of these courses are complemented by laboratory and project work. The course structure in the core curriculum provides for large lecture classes with tutorial discussion hours and laboratory sessions in smaller groups.

The second component of the undergraduate program includes professional courses and a project in the chosen branch of specialization. In the last four semesters, students undertake some core mechanical engineering courses in Design of Machine Elements, Dynamics and Vibration of Machinery, Manufacturing Technology, Heat and Mass Transfer, Energy Systems, etc. An important feature of our undergraduate program is the availability of large number of elective courses which provides the students considerable freedom to develop academically according to their individual tastes. These courses are often designed to advance the fundamental understanding, introduce new concepts and technologies pertinent to the industries and academia.

Summer Internship

Students also undergo compulsory summer training during the B.Tech program, which helps them to visit and learn from the leading Indian and foreign industries/academia.

Students Projects

In the final two semesters of the program, students undertake an advanced design project, which involves the application of modern analysis and design techniques. Often the student projects translate in a development of new product and technology, leading to patent or other type of publications.

Undergraduate Term Projects


Assessment can vary from course to course and can include a combination of class work, tutorials, assignments, laboratory work, quizzes, project work and exams.

Complete Undergraduate Curriculum of Mechanical Engineering is available here.