Electrical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Welcome to the Power and Control Group in the Department of Electrical Engineering IIT Kanpur. The stream offers M.Tech., dual-degree and PhD programs. The stream has always aimed at imparting technical education and equip the students with the latest technologies.

The research interests of the faculty members include application based areas like Intelligent Control, Quantum Learning System, Cognitive Modeling, Soft Computing. Power system dy namics and stability, state estimation, use of synchronized measurement technology in power systems, Electric Drives, Electrical machines, Microprocessor Systems and instrumentation. Digital systems, Microprocessor based systems. Multiphase DC/DC Power Conversion, Power Management Circuits, Modeling and Control of Power Electronics Systems. Power system dynamics and voltage stability studies, Wide Area Monitoring, Optimal power dispatch and state estimation, Security analysis and control, Energy management system and distribution automation, Power system restructuring. Machine Learning, Biometrics, GMM, HMM, Fuzzy Systems, Clustering Algorithms, Coloe Segmentaion, Video Image sequence recognition. Several ongoing projects are coordinated by the faculty along with active participation of the students, which are being funded by various Government and private agencies. The research interest of the High Voltage Laboratory broadly includes fundamental and application research into electrical insulation for power system and apparatus, and insulation diagnostics. Specific areas of research interest include nano-dielectrics, space charge diagnostics, electrical treeing, tracking, partial and plasma discharges.