Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Fabrication Laboratory

This lab mainly includes equipments and machines to produce multi layer plated-through Printed circuit boards (PCBs), to insert leaded and surface mounted devices.



Dry film laminator

Masking and legend printing

PCB Inspection




Printed circuit boards are electronic circuits boards created for mounting electronic components on a nonconductive board, and creating conductive connections between them. The creation of circuit patterns is accomplished by using both additive and subtractive methods. The conductive circuit is generally copper, although aluminum, nickel, chrome, and other metals are sometimes used. There are three basic varieties of printed circuit boards: single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layered.


Single sided PCB:Conductors on only one side of a dielectric base


Double sided PCB:Conductors on both sides of a dielectric base, usually interconnected (the two layers) with plated-through-holes (PTHs).


Multi-layer:Conductors on 3 or more layers separated by dielectric material and interconnected by PTH or pads 

      • Mr. Dinesh Kumar

      • Mr. Ravi Shankar

      • Ms. Sangita Singh

      • Mr. Anil Kumar


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