IIT Kanpur signs MoU with Ortho Regenics to bring paradigm shift in bone regeneration technology


  • The objective is to overcome the problems related to bone and joint disorders, capable of biocompatible bone regeneration

  • This technology acts as a carrier for bone active biomolecules for bone regeneration

Kanpur, March 30, 2022: In yet another benchmark attained in the field of healthcare, IIT Kanpur has transferred a bone regeneration technology to Ortho Regenics Pvt Ltd. IIT Kanpur has been leading with their pioneering efforts to bridge the gap between medical and technology disciplines and this technology is in line with those efforts. It would act as a carrier for bioactive molecules to help in bone regeneration. Titled “Nano-Hydroxyapatite based porous polymer composite scaffolds for bioactive molecule delivery in musculoskeletal regeneration,” the technology has been developed by Prof. Ashok Kumar and Arun Kumar Teotia from the Department of Biological Sciences and Bioengineering at IIT Kanpur.

The technology licensing agreement was formally signed between IIT Kanpur and Ortho Regenics Pvt. Ltd. on 28th March 2022. The MoU exchange ceremony was joined by Prof. S. Ganesh (Deputy Director), Prof. Amitabha Bandyopadhyay, Professor-in-Charge, Innovation & Incubation, Prof. Ankush Sharma (Co-PIC, Innovation & Incubation), Prof. Ashok Kumar, BSBE (Inventor of the technology), Prof. Gopal Pande & Dr. Sudhir Reddy (Licensee & Directors of Ortho Regenics). It has been licensed with an objective to overcome the problems related to bone and joint disorders, capable of biocompatible bone regeneration.

Prof. Abhay Karandikar, Director, IIT Kanpur, said, “Healthcare is a sector that is inherently associated with the growth of technology. We have been striving to bring both the disciplines closer to scale new highs in healthcare innovation and development. I am delighted about this development with Ortho Regenics, which would bring a paradigm shift in bone regeneration in humans and would be a boon for the ones suffering bone or joint disorders.”

The invention can act as a carrier for bone active biomolecules, delivering them directly at the implant site. The novel material is biodegradable and has osteoinductive (bone healing process) and osteopromotive (material for new bone growth) properties for bone regeneration. They are highly biocompatible resulting in good cell material interaction with osteoblast cells (cells responsible for mineralization of bone during bone formation and bone remodelling), exhibiting a high mechanical strength and interaction between the polymer network and the solvent.

These functionalized porous composite scaffolds can be used as fillers in large size bone defects, without compromising the connectivity and structural defects, oxygen and blood circulation thereby enhancing tissue formation, mineralization, and rapid defect healing. It can also be used as bone substitute, overcoming autograft (the transplantation of tissue from one location to another in the same individual) limitations.

Although there are several existing remedies for bone regeneration, they usually pose the risk of infection and immune-related complications. This technology provides a collagen-nano-hydroxyapatite composite macroporous gel, which is a potential approach for reconstruction of irregular bone defects and dental applications as well. Hence, the primary objective of this invention is to overcome the drawbacks of alternative remedies.

ABOUT IIT KANPUR: Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, is one of the premier institutions set up by the Government of India. Registered in 1959, the institute was assisted by nine leading institutions of the U.S.A in the setting up of its academic programs and laboratories during the period 1962-72. With its record of path-breaking innovations and cutting-edge research, the institute is known the world over as a learning center of repute in engineering, science, and several interdisciplinary areas. In addition to formal undergraduate and postgraduate courses, the institute has been active in research and development in areas of value to both industry and government.

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