Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Recent Advances in Modelling Rare Events

Recent Advances in Modelling Rare Events (RARE2021)

Dates: December 15-18, 2021

The meeting will be held virtually via an online platform

Abstract submission is open till Oct 28, 2021

RARE meetings are a series of International symposiums organized to discuss recent advances in the field of rare event sampling of molecular systems. RARE2021 is the third in the series, with very successful symposiums organized in 2014 (RARE2014) and 2017 (RARE2017).
This meeting is an Indo-US bilateral workshop supported by the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF). The theme of the workshop is "Recent Advances in Machine-Learning Tools for Studying Rare Events in Molecular Simulations".

RARE2021 will be conducted in online-mode. There will be two sessions each day. Session I :  0800-1000 hrs Indian Standard Time (IST)
Session II : 2000-2200 hrs IST

This symposium is focused on novel computational methods for rare event sampling and machine learning, and their applications in different domains of science and engineering. The meeting will bring together participants to discuss established and novel methods as well as underlying theoretical principles in detail, and to form collaborations to develop new techniques.This symposium is planned in the spirit of Gordon Research Conferences. In order to facilitate the speakers to present their unpublished work, we will not print abstract books or proceedings.

Some of the broad topics covered in RARE2021 are:

  • New methods for free energy calculations
  • New methods for enhanced sampling
  • Collective variables
  • Transition path sampling and reaction kinetics
  • Machine learning tools for rare event sampling
  • Advanced applications of rare event sampling techniques 

Conveners, RARE 2021

Amalendu Chandra (IIT Kanpur)
Andrew Ferguson (UChicago)
Jagannath Mondal (TIFR Hyderabad)
Pratyush Tiwary (U Maryland)
Nisanth N. Nair (IIT Kanpur)