Space Science & Astronomy

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Coursework of M. Tech. students

  • in Radio Astronomy: SPA 601, 602, 603, 610, 611, 612 and two more open electives.
  • in Planetary Science & Technology: SPA 601, 602, 603, 620, 621, 622 and two more open electives.

Coursework of Ph. D. students

  • SPA 601, 602, 603,
  • one course from the first semester compulsory basket of a stream
  • two other electives

Details of courses

SPA601: Introduction to space & astronomical instrumentation

SPA602: Mathematical methods in space sciences & engineering: Vector & Tensor analysis; Ordinary differential equations; Special functions; Integral transforms; Numerical methods]

SPA603: Solar system processes and space missions

SPA604: Numerical methods in space sciences & engineering

SPA610: Radio astronomy I: Introduction to astronomical observations; Stars & Galaxies; Basic theory of radio astronomy; Cosmic radio sources; Signal processing; Antennas & Receivers; Interferometry

SPA611: Radio astronomy II

SPA612: Radio astronomy laboratory

SPA613: Data analysis techniques in radio astronomy

SPA620: Solar system mechanics: Introduction to the Solar System; The 2-body problem; Restricted 3-body and applications; Rotational and tidal effects and applications; Spin-orbit coupling; Perturbation methods and effects; Planetary rings]

SPA621: Planetary remote sensing

SPA622: Planetary geomorphology - Processes & products

SPA623: Fluid dynamics and radiative processes in the solar system

SPA624: Formation processes in the planetary system

SPA625: Space data acquisition & analysis

SPA630: Space instrumentation laboratory