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Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

For admission to the Ph. D. program.
A valid GATE score is required for the candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, except in the case of candidates with Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the centrally funded Technical Institutes (CFTIs). The candidates with Master’s degree in Science must either have a valid GATE score or must have qualified for/in JRF/NET.

Additionally, the candidate must satisfy any one of the following:

  • A Master's degree in Engineering with marks/CPI not below the specified minimum.
    [ The specified minimum is defined as the greater of the minimum pass marks / CPI and 55 percent marks / 5.5 CPI on a 10 point scale ]
  • Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Science (4-year programme) with a minimum of 75 percent marks/7.5 CPI and a valid GATE score.
    The requirement of GATE score is waived for candidates with Bachelor's degree in Engineering from the centrally funded technical institutes (CFTIs).
  • A Master's degree in Science or an allied area while satisfying each of the following three criteria
    1. a minimum of 65 percent marks/6.5 CPI in the Master's degree,
    2. first division in bachelor's degree, and
    3. JRF/95 percentile or higher in GATE score.
  1. All eligible applicants will be asked to appear in a written test in Mathematics. The syllabus is given below.
  2. The list of eligible candidates
  3. The exam will be conducted online on May 12, followed by an interview on May 12 and May 13
  4. The list of selected and waiting Ph.D candidates

Syllabus for Math: Linear algebra, matrices, determinant of matrices, diagonalization of matrices, eigenvalues and eigenvectors; Ordinary differential equations; Calculus, integration, differentiation, maxima and minima of functions, graphical representation of functions; Vector calculus, gradient, divergence and curl, polar coordinates, cylindrical coordinates, spherical polar coordinates, line, surface and volume integrals, divergence theorem, Stokes theorem, planar geometry and trigonometry.