Space, Planetary & Astronomical Sciences & Engineering (SPASE)

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Current Faculty Specializations:

  • Space and Astronomical Instrumentation
  • Optical, Infrared, Radio and X-ray Astronomy
  • Planetary science, Granular Mechanics , Contact Mechanics
  • Planetary Remote Sensing Geology, Lunar Science, Mineral Mapping, Mineral Spectroscopy, Impact cratering
  • Detection and characterization of exoplanets: direct imaging, transit and spectroscopy
  • Galactic Astrophysics, Galaxy formation and evolution, interstellar medium, astrophysical fluid dynamics, Galactic feedback
  • Compact objects, Neutron stars, pulsars, X-ray binaries, accretion disks, jets
  • Astrophysical transients, fast radio bursts
  • Cosmology, large scale structure of the Universe, Epoch of Reionization
  • Adaptive optics and wavefront control techniques
  • Solar Physics
  • Cosmic rays
  • Multi-messenger Astronomy
  • Astrobiology