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3D Documentation of Heritage Structures and Development of Documentation Standards With Tajmahal as the Test Bed

PI: Prof. Bharat Lohani
Co-PI: Prof. Samit Ray Choudhury

Laser scanned point cloud model of TajMahal

Heritage structures generally do not have documented details about their structure and layout.  This leads to problems in their maintenance and also in their studies.  Further, natural and anthropogenic agents cause damage of these structures thus jeopardizing their very existence.  Digital documentation of these structures provides a way for archiving their data for future so as to use the same in their maintenance, reconstruction, dissemination for tourism and academic purposes.

The objective of this project is to develop technologies for digital documentation of heritage structures using laser scanning and associated technologies.  The work will be carried out at Taj Mahal thus the project will lead to developing 3D model of Taj Mahal, which will also be used for an initial structural analysis of the structure. 



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