Research Highlights

IIT Kanpur has a strong research orientation. The diversity of research projects undertaken is a measure of IITK's strong track record of research. Here are some highlights.


Innovations on COVID-19



Screening Ttechnology for COVID-19

Screening Technology developed at NCFlexE for COVID-19

  • HITES, “A handheld Infrared thermometer with enhanced safety” developed at NCFlexE, IIT Kanpur enables temperature scanning to be carried out while maintaining 6 ft physical distance.


Positive Pressure Respirator System

Positive Pressure Respirator System

  • Prof. Nachiketa Tiwari, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur and Prof Devendra Gupta, In-charge, Covid-19 ICU (SGPGI) have developed a working prototype of a Positive Pressure Respirator System. The PPRS system addresses the problem of the acute global scarcity of N95 respirators, which are a critical component of PPE Kits.

  • It is a safer alternative to the N95 respirator as it provides uncontaminated air and isolates the health professionals from the exposure to the virus.

  • It can be built fairly quickly, using local resources & in large numbers.

Disinfection chamber: Two-stage Innovative Process for Human Disinfection for Controlled Access

Disinfection chamber: Two-stage Innovative Process for Human Disinfection for Controlled Access

    • IIT Kanpur has successfully implemented a low cost rapid disinfectant process at our Health Centre for the outsiders coming to campus to sanitize anyone (external disinfection) under the guidance of Profs. Manindra Agrawal and Deepu Philip. The process aims to achieve a high rate of personnel disinfection within 2 minutes. Local hospitals and district administration have approached us to implement this at strategic locations in Kanpur.

    • Majority of the approaches of individual disinfection process focuses on exposing human touch surfaces like fingers, hand, etc. to soap based solutions and covering faces with masks to prevent droplet-based spread. However, residual germs residing on clothes, sleeves, masks, etc. are not eliminated by this process. This proposal focuses on innovatively combining two common disinfection approaches followed across the world to achieve a new and cost-effective disinfection process that is safe for human beings.

Autonomous Robotic UVC hospital room disinfection system with sensor navigation with an option for Manual affordable UV disinfection systems

Autonomous Robotic UVC hospital room disinfection system with sensor navigation with an option for Manual affordable UV disinfection systems

  • Dr. Sheetal Katyayani, Director, TruSpectra India Private Limited have developed Autonomous Robotic UVC hospital room disinfection system with sensor navigation with an option for Manual affordable UV disinfection systems.
  • Autonomous Robotic Disinfection system designed to disifect the Hospital room without human intervention with built in navigation sensor to achieve 4LOG level of disinfection in less than 30 minutes for room size of 45m3.

  • UVC disinfection (UVCD) robot to disinfect the entire internal hospital room geometry.

  • TruSpectra UVC system is designed for max 6m diameter room and max time for disinfection is 30 minutes. UVCD is designed based on C.D as spore. COVID-19, Virus and bacteria shall take far less time than C.D (Clostridium Difficile).

  • Use of pedestal roller wheel wall panel / capsule to cover the patients

  • Robotic cleaning mob (designed for peracetic acid / glutaraldehyde) with spraying, mobbing and wiping to safeguard other patients, doctors, nurses and healthcare workers.

  • Option for manual affordable system (without robotics, Lithium Ion Battery system, LIDAR sensor and PLC) to reduce the cost.



    • Spread of COVID-19 has resulted in a huge demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers in essential services exposed to high-risk environments. As standard PPE kits become scarce, there is a need for low-cost and mass producible alternatives that provide protection for the entire body.

    • A team of researchers led by Dr. Nitin Gupta & industry partners based on thin cylindrical rolls/pipes of polyethylene, which is non-porous & commonly used in the industry for packaging & making plastic-bags. Polythene material makes airtight and will provide required protection. It can be easily mass manufactured and transported at scale. The technology is made open source for anybody to make it. Easy to scale, cost effective and relevant particularly as imported kits are difficult to get.

VSV based live attenuated recombinant vaccine against Novel Coronavirus infectionsystems

Vaccine: VSV based live attenuated recombinant vaccine against Novel Coronavirus infectionsystems

  • Dr. Dibyendu Kumar Das, Department of Biological Sciences and Bioengineering, IIT Kanpur and his team have aimed to develop replication-competent vaccines against Novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) based on attenuated recombinant vesicular stomatitis virus (rVSV) vectors expressing the novel corona virus spike (s) glycoprotein (rVSV-SARS-CoV- 2S). Vaccines, designed on live attenuated recombinant VSV template have been highly effective in animal models and are particularly appealing because they can be administered mucosally. Additionally, VSV rarely infect human and the chance of infection due to VSV is negligible. Recently, recombinant VSV based Ebola virus, Marburg virus and Lassa virus vaccine has been developed and tested effective in nonhuman primates model. The rVSV-ZEBOV-GP vaccine against Ebola had been 97.5% effective at stopping Ebola transmission, relative to no vaccination, approved by WHO in 2019 for vaccination.

Indigenous Invasive Ventilator solution

Indigenous Invasive Ventilator solution

    • Mr. Nikhil Kurele, CEO, Nocca Robotics have aimed to develop Indigenous Invasive Ventilator solution with following features:

      -Modular design, high end ventilator suitable for COVID-19 patients

      -Rapidly manufacturable at large scale across India

      -Low Power

      -Pessure and Volume Control

      -Versatile operations: works with both medical air / ambient air + oxygen

      -Safe invasive and non-invasive ventilatory modes

      -IoT-based system to create a Ventilator Management System

      -Remotely control & monitor multiple ventilators remotely with one IoT device

      -Inlet filter to prevent viral entry in the circuit

      -Expiratory flow filter to contain the viral load

      -Microprocessor-based with active exhalation

      -Automatic calibration system on startup

      -Easy transition from invasive to noninvasive ventilation

Contact tracing and fake news verification App

Contact tracing and fake news verification App

  • Dr. Swaprava Nath, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur and his team have developed a app of Contact tracing and fake news verification App. The users of social media apps like WhatsApp or Twitter can easily check whether a news received is fake or not (in a much simpler manner than the usual apps). What makes our solution stand out from the other such detectors is that the checking methodology is extremely simple.

  • The users do not need to open a different app or google the news to find this out, it will happen by just forwarding the message to a saved contact. The ease of use is the biggest impact that this project wants to create for fake news detection. This can be used with non-smart phone also and thus deployable in areas of limited telecom connectivity.

Whole Body Protection Wearable

SURAKSHA KIT - Whole Body Protection Wearable

  • Dr. Swaprava Nath, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur and his team have developed a app of Contact tracing and fake news verification App. The users of social media apps like WhatsApp or Twitter can easily check whether a news received is fake or not (in a much simpler manner than the usual apps). What makes our solution stand out from the other such detectors is that the checking methodology is extremely simple.

  • The users do not need to open a different app or google the news to find this out, it will happen by just forwarding the message to a saved contact. The ease of use is the biggest impact that this project wants to create for fake news detection. This can be used with non-smart phone also and thus deployable in areas of limited telecom connectivity.

Modeling of COVID-19

Modeling of COVID-19

  • Interesting work on modeling of COVID-19 by Prof Mahendra K Verma and his team from IIT Kanpur. The work demonstrates power law growth in spread of COVID-19.

  • Entire research paper is available.  

Preventive and cost-effective surface coating medicated masks and medical wear

Preventive and cost-effective surface coating medicated masks and medical wear

  • A team led by Profs. Nagma Parveen, M.L.N Rao Ashish K Patra from the Department of Chemistry have been granted funding from DST/SERB for developing a preventive and cost-effective surface coating. This coating will be applied in making medicated masks and medical wear (personal protective equipment, PPE) as a preventive measure for COVID-19, in particular, for doctors and nurses who are susceptible to contamination while treating infected patients.

  • The idea is based on a combination of anti-microbial polymer coating and functionalized virucidal drugs/agents to attain a synergistic anti-viral effect.

  • The team aims to develop a basic prototype within three months and further, collaborate with potential industrial and/or start-up partners for its potential large-scale applications.


N95 face mask

N95 face mask

  • A team of researchers led by Profs J.Ramkumar & Tarun Gupta and alumnus Sandip Patil are working on a protective face mask which is equivalent to N95 face mask for the front line medical staff and common man fighting against COVID-19.

  • The primary goal is to test various available filter media and develop a low-cost protective respirator which is equivalent or even better than N95. We have to quickly set up a filter testing rig equipped with an aerosol laser spectrometer and identify a non-woven polypropylene based 3-4 layer material as the likely candidate to make such mask. Its efficiency must be equal to N95 and it offers much lower resistance to the air passage.

  • Scalability:After identifying the appropriate material the mask will be made manual because the ultrasonic welding machine and automatic manufacturing machines are also a bottleneck at this lock down period. We will identity few profession stitches who have prior experience in textile and mask fabrication. Initially for few days we would be able to manufacturing 500 piece/day. Slowly we will ramp up the production to 2000/day.

Portable Ventilators

Portable Ventilators

  • Prof. Amitabha Bandopadhyaya of Bioscience and Bioengineering Department, IIT Kanpur is coordinating an effort led by a large team for rapid development and production of portable ventilators which will be life saving for COVID-19 patients, particularly the elderly.

Anti Viral Nasal Filter

Anti Viral Nasal Filter

  • Mr. Ravi Pandey from SIIC at IIT Kanpur has developed an Anti Viral Nasal filter, the need for this filter arise considering the recent outbreak of corona virus, where the main channel of transmission occurs by the transfer of droplets to a healthy person through air. There have been several similar outbreaks that utilize air as the main transmission channel. However, such transmission of diseases can be stopped using different filters for mouth and nose. Since 90% of the breathing occurs through nasal cavity only, hence nasal passage is the main source of contamination.

  • The existing masks comprise different straps to hold on to the face of the user and are uncomfortable to wear during different activities of the day. There was a need for a filter that filters the nano particles including any viruses with high filtration efficiency. The present invention minimizes the leakage of air, that occurs from sides while wearing a N95 mask, without maintaining positive pressure inside the filter.


Aerospace Engineering

Development of Small Sized Fixed Wing Unmanned Aerial System

Development of Small Sized Fixed Wing Unmanned Aerial System


  • The project aimed at developing a small sized Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) based on the fixed wing platform, having long endurance, in a pusher configuration; capable of both civil and defense applications. Read More...

Autonomous Flapping Wing Unmanned Air Vehicle for Surveillance and Aerial Photography

Design and Fabrication of Autonomous Flapping Wing Unmanned Air Vehicle for Surveillance and Aerial Photography


  • The project aims to build an autonomous 1.5 m wing span flying bird which will carry a small camera as the payload and will be able to record pictures for surveillance applications. Read More...

Design and Development of Visually Guided Autonomous Quadrotors: application in surveillance and disaster management

Design and Development of Visually Guided Autonomous Quadrotors: application in surveillance and disaster management


  • The need for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with greater maneuverability and hovering ability for various military and civilian applications has led to the current rise in quadrotor research. Read More...


Numerical and Experimental Studies of Annular Trapped Vortex Combustor


  • The main objective of this project proposal is to design and develop an annular trapped vortex combustor and its performance characteristics. Read More...

Model tested in National Wind Tunnel Facility IITKanpur

Testing and Trajectory Analysis of DFDR (Deployable Flight Data Recorder Unit)


  • The biological importance of nitric oxide (NO) is well established. It plays key roles as a signaling molecule in a number of mammalian physiological Read More...


Gas Turbine Engine Combustion Characterization by Using Fixed Laser Energy Source


  • Ignition of fuel-air mixture in a gas turbine engine is quite important and critical for better performance of engine; particularly, in high altitude aerospace applications. Read More...

Magnitude of vorticity during mixing

Numerical characterization of strut-ramp injector for supersonic combustion using Large Eddy Simulation (LES)

  • The primary aim of this project is to investigate the flow and mixing characteristic in strut-ramp injector configuration in oncoming supersonic flow methodology. Read More...


Biological Sciences And Bioengineering

Schematic of insect olfactory system

Coding of Innate Olfactory Preferences in the Mosquito Brain

  • Mosquitoes detect humans using a variety of cues, including the exhaled carbon dioxide and skin odors. Presently, the understanding about how the information relayed by Read More...

Structural model of the C5a receptor generated using the program modeller

Structural basis of the Human Complement Anaphylatoxin C5a Interaction with its Cognate G Protein-Coupled Receptor, the C5aR


  • The "complement system" is a critical part of body's defense mechanism against pathological infections. Read More...

A fruit fly epithelial cell sheet displaying cancerous growth

A translational exploration of the Drosophila cancer model for biomedical research


  • Cancerous transformation of a cell is often accompanied by a loss of its original developmental program or what could be said as cellular memory Read More...

Neuron-like cell from mBMSCs

Exploring the Neurogenic Potential of Bone Marrow Stromal Cells (BMSCs) following the Inhibition of BMP signaling


  • Bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs) are a source of adult stem cells that have the potential of undergoing trans-differentiation into multiple cell types Read More...

Studies on the Lafora disease mice models

Understanding the molecular basis of myoclonic epilepsy in Lafora disease using mice models


  • Lafora progressive myoclonus epilepsy or Lafora disease (LD) is one of the five forms of inherited progressive myoclonus epilepsies in human and is caused by mutations Read More...

Structural visualization of GPCR signaling termination

Structure, Function and Novel Signaling Pathways of the "Non-canonical" G
Protein-Coupled Receptors


  • The cells in our body are surrounded by a membrane, which acts as a barrier and protects the interior of the cells from harmful factors Read More...

Specific binding of human acute myeloid leukemia cells on cryogel matrix

Establishment of New Generation Technologies for Cell Separation and High Throughput Screening Using Macroporous Polymeric Matrices


  • This is a TATA INNOVATION award project from DBT. The project is awarded in recognition of the outstanding work intranslational research. Read More...

Mouse bone marrow cells have been engineered to enable infection by chicken retroviruses to achieve stable expression of transgenes

Deciphering The Bmp Signaling Network In Developing Bone: An Interdisciplinary Approach Combining Bioinformatic Data Mining Tools Along With Molecular Genetic and Developmental Biology Strategies

  • Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (BMPs) are secrete signaling molecules that dictate bone formation. There is evidence suggesting that loss of BMPs may lead to osteoporosis. Read More...

Nuclear Actin Related Protien 8 Noncoding RNA Interaction

Molecular and Biochemical Characterization of Sachharomyces Cerevisiae Actin Related Proctein 8 (ARP8)

  • The eukaryotic genome is packaged into nucleosomes, in which the DNA is wrapped around histone octamers and forms higher order chromatin. Read More...

AGTR1 downregulation attenuates breast cancer cell invasion

Investigate Potential Mechanism involved in AGTR1 Mediated Oncogenic Effects:A Pharmaceutical Intervention for Treatment of AGTR1 Positive Breast Cancer

  • The use of biomarkers, such as estrogen receptor (ER) and HER2, for breast cancer treatment selection are well established; yet even with these markers; Read More...

22 RV1 Control 22 RV1 Spink 1 Knockdown

Role of SPINK1 in cancer progression: Regulatory Mechanisms and Therapeutic Target Potential

  • The prevalence of SPINK1 outlier expression or ETS genetic rearrangement status among prostate cancer (PCa) patients is largely unknown in India. Read More...

AAV labeled with a cyanine dye are seen as red particles in HeLa cells. The cell nuclei is stained with Hoechst (blue) and the cadherin molecule is stained in green for contrast

Modulation of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Replication by Host Cell Transcriptional Repressors: Pharmacologic and RNA Interference to Improve AAV Vector Delivery during Gene Therapy

  • In recent years, gene therapy for human diseases such as hemophilia and hereditary blindness using adeno associated virus (AAV) vectors has shown great promise. Read More...

The spectrogram indicates the presence of 15-20 Hz oscillations in neural activity during odor sensing

Role of Neural Oscillations in the Processing of Behaviorally Salient Odors by the Mosquito Brain

  • Mosquitoes show innate attraction to human smell, which is one of the important cues used by mosquitoes to find humans. The scientific community has begun to identify Read More...


Civil Engineering

CPF Plots showing location of pollutants

National Carbonaceous Aerosols Programme (NCAP): Carbonaceous Aerosol Emissions, Source Apportionment and Climate Effects

  • Carbonaceous aerosol emissions arise from energy use and the burning of forest, grasslands and agricultural residues. The emissions lead to air-quality Read More...

Measurement of surface energy balance (flux tower:1), atmospheric thermodynamics (Radiosonde Balloon launches:2), cloud and aerosol profile (ceilometer:3) under the INCOMPASS project

Indo-UK joint project on South Asian Monsoon: Monsoon Dynamics and Thermodynamics from the Land Surface through Convection to the Continental-Scale (INCOMPASS)

  • The monsoon is the primary driver of the agriculture and industry in South Asia, and is thus significant in the lives of more than a billion people Read More...

Laser scanned point cloud model of TajMahal

3D Documentation of Heritage Structures and Development of Documentation Standards With Tajmahal as the Test Bed

  • Heritage structures generally do not have documented details about their structure and layout. This leads to problems in their maintenance and also in their studies. Read More...

Airborne LiDAR

Developing Standards for Airborne LiDAR Data Acquisition

  • Airborne LiDAR is an industry standard technique to collect dense and accurate three dimensional data of terrain and the features on it. Read More...

The Project Site

Road Construction using Recycled Aggregates

  • Natural resources used for road construction are depleting. Consequently, the haulage cost for acquiring good quality stone aggregates is increasing. Read More...

Laminar Box Setup

A study on Seismic Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction using Laminar Container

  • The main objective of this research is to design and construct a medium-size laminar container with limited shear capacity for experimentally investigating the nonlinear behavior of rocking shallow foundation Read More...

Geoslicer section and geoslicer peel sample

National Facility for Application of Science & Technology in Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management (CRM).

  • The objective of the MHRD funded project is to set up a National facility in the area of application of science and technology in archaeology and Cultural Resources Management (CRM). Read More...


Water bodies in the Kalinjar fort

Science and Technology of Water Harvesting and Management in the Medieval Fort of Kalinjar in Central India

  • The project aims at understanding the science and technology of water harvesting and management in medieval forts of Central India. Read More...


Field Test Mass Shaker Setup

Dynamic Response of Foundation Components through Full-scale Field Tests

  • The objective of this research is to carry out field tests on full-scale foundations to understand the behavior of rocking shallow foundations under seismic loading. Read More...


Ground Response Analysis of Soils from North India Considering Soil Strain

  • One of the most important and most commonly encountered problems in geotechnical earthquake engineering is the evaluation of ground response. Read More...


Chemical Engineering


Carbon pipe model

Aligned Carbon Nanotubes as Porous Materials for Selective Carbon-Dioxide Adsorption and Desorption: Effect of Pressure and Charge

  • The escalating level of atmospheric carbon dioxide is one of the major pressing needs for efficient deployment of carbon capture and storage at the major sources for reducing CO2 emission. Read More...


A solution based approach to the fabrication of novel chalcogenide glass microlens arrays for the 6-12 µm IR optics applications.

  • Mid Infrared (MIR) technology is now major part of current research in sensing (chemical/biological) and military applications. Read More...


Experimental Set-up

Synthesis of Polymer Nano Composites for Energy Storage Applications

  • Polymeric films have received great attention due to ease of processing, flexibility and low cost for capacitor based energy storage devices applications. Read More...

Drug delivery system

Non-Gassing Electrode Materials for Electro-Osmotic Pumping Based Subcutaneous Drug Delivery System

  • Miniature pumps are the core of programmable drug delivery systems. Of the known miniature pumps, electro-osmotic pumps are arguably the simplest of all pumps Read More...


Development of Flexible Pressure Sensors

  • Low cost, large area, ultra-sensitive, flexible sensors are important for variety of engineering. Read More...

Cu Nanoparticle/Carbon Nanofiber/PVA Nanocomposite-based Microchannels

Carbon Nanofibres Dispersed PVA-Based Microchannels: Synthesis, Fabrication and Application to Separation Processes

  • Presently, a DST-sponsored project on the laser-mediated fabrication of poly vinyl alcohol (PVA)-based microchannels is underway. Read More..


Biosensors for Multi-Analyte Disease Detection

  • Early detection of cancer is needed for effective remedial measures. A vast segment of our country's population does not have easy access to diagnostic centers due to prohibitive costs and location issues Read More...

Skyline set of preferred flights

Development Of Metal Monolith Catalysts for Steam Reforming Of Methane

  • Steam reforming of methane on supported nickel catalyst pellets in fixed bed reactors is a well-established commercial process for producing CO and H2 Read More...

Optimizing catalyst composition using statistical methodologies

Effect of Iron in Supported & Unsupported Nickel-Iron & Cobalt-Iron Bimetallic Catalysts

  • Supported nickel and cobalt systems are important catalysts used for several industrial processes. Promotion of these catalysts will give rise to more efficient reactions. One such promoter is iron. Read More...

Synthesized zeolite encapsulated nanoparticles

Development of Sinter-Resistant Nanoparticles Encapsulated by Zeolite Nanoshell as Bifunctional Catalyst

  • Modulation of activity and selectivity of catalytic nanoparticles is correlated to the control of their shape, size and surface composition. Read More...

Schematic diagram of nanoparticles-loaded carbon capsules

Target-Specific Nanomaterials as Contrast Agents for High Precision Multimodal Bioimaging Applications

  • The essential requirements for an imaging technique are high target specificity, 3-D tomography, real-time imaging, non-invasiveness, and high spatial resolution. Read More...



Prophyrin Dimer as model of Di-heme protein

Porphyrin Dimers as Model of Di-heme Proteins: Inorganic and Bioinorganic Perspectives and Consequences of Heme-Heme Interactions

  • This project is aimed at biomimetic study of di/multi-heme proteins in order to understand the structure-function relationships at the molecular level. Read More...


Analogues of Castanospermine

Synthesis of Carba-aminosugars, and aza- and imnosugars as glycosidic inhibitors starting from readily available sugar derivatives and L-ascorbic acid

  • The main objective in this proposal is to develop new synthetic approaches towards some known and some unknown designed glycosidase (enzyme) inhibitors. Read More...

Biological Targets

Nitric Oxide Delivery to Biological Targets from Transition Metal Nitrosyl Complexes

  • The biological importance of nitric oxide (NO) is well established. It plays key roles as a signaling molecule in a number of mammalian physiological and pathophysiological processes. Read More...


Metal Catalyzed Decarbonylative Coupling Reactions and their Applications to Organic Synthesis

  • In recent years, metal-catalyzed coupling reactions demonstrated tremendous potential in organic synthetic applications both in laboratory and industrial scale preparations. Read More...

Cryptand based molecular photonic device

Macrobicyclic Cryptands as Platforms for Attachment of Donor and Acceptor Groups: Photo-Induced Energy and Charge Transfer

  • In systems containing more than one type of fluorophores substantial energy/charge transfer can take place depending upon the nature of the fluorophores. Read More...


Computer Science and Engineering

Skyline set of preferred flights

Extending Skyline Queries to Distributed and Uncertain Databases

  • While choosing a flight, it is not always that lower cost is the only objective; in many cases, a user may wish to choose flights having lower durations and other such parameters. Read more...


Image showing the implementation of the project

Satellite Sterro Triplet Image Matching for Digital Elevation Model Generation

  • The aim of this project is to develop a suitable triplet image matching technique for high resolution satellite stereo imagery towards digital elevation model generation. Read More...

Autograder Prutor

Intelligent Tutor project

  • The project is aiming to develop Intelligent Tutoring Systems to assist in teaching large classrooms. Read More...


Improving Coverage of Test- Suites via Automatic Test-Case Generation

  • Program testing is a fundamental chore in the development of any software system. An expert testing team, using relevant domain knowledge of the system being built, would design a set of test-cases. Read More...


Earth Sciences

Effects of Climate Change on Cryosphere-river

Effects of Climate Change on Cryosphere-river Linkages: Insights from Seasonal and Inter-annual Variation of Glacial Melt Discharge in the Headwaters of the Ganges River


  • Global warming and climate change issues are adversely affecting the health of the Himalayan glaciers, which feed the large rivers in the Indian subcontinent such as the Ganges. Read more...

Climatic hazards and the vulnerability in the Ganga-Brahmaputra and Mahanadi delta

Deltaic Environments, Vulnerability and Climate Change: Migration and Adaptation and Its Policy Implications


  • Migration and Adaptation and its Policy Implications has been funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). Read more...


Electrical Engineering

Set-up to study Power Quality issues and mitigation techniques

A Multi-dimensional Smart Energy Grids Analysis for Indian Scenario


  • The aim of this research is to develop a holistic understanding of how smart grid systems, both in urban and rural India, can support India's transition to a low carbon electricity supply system. Read more...

Residential low voltage DC system

High Reliability DC-DC Converter For Integrating Battery With Low Voltage DC System


  • Significant population of India does not have access to electricity. Due to climatic conditions and decreasing cost of solar PV panels, Read More...

Brihaspati 3

Deployment and Management of Brithaspati-3 Services over NKN for Indian Academia


  • We have been using and developing Brihaspati Learning Management System for more than a decade at IIT Kanpur. Read More...


Adaptive Clustering for Decentralized Resilient Energy Management (ADREM)


  • This project will explore the potential of a distributed approach to self-optimization and self-healing in the Smart Grid environment. Read More...

Pulsed Electro-Acoustic Technique for space charge measurement in polymers

Experimental Characterization and Numerical Modeling of Charge Transport in Synthetic Polymers Used for Electrical Insulation under Low and High Applied Voltages

  • Injection and accumulation of space charge into the volume of high voltage polymeric dielectrics plays a significant role in driving aging mechanisms. Read More...

Spherical microphone array setup

MUSIC-Group Delay based Source Localization and Tracking over Spherical Arrays

  • Conventional methods for source localization requires large number of sensors for resolving closely spaced sources. Read More...

Fluorescent optical tomography experiment

Shape-Based Fluorescence Optical Tomography for Grading of Dysplasia in Cervical Cancer Progression

  • Tumor detection in various parts of the body by optical tomographic methods is often a limited data problem with only back-scattered light available for analysis of the subsurface. Read More...

Experimental Set-up

Linearity Improvement of High Current Hall Effect Current Sensors

  • Electrohms, a Bangalore-based company is the only Indian manufacturer of Hall-effect based closed-loop sensors, the market of which is dominated by Swiss and other European players. Read More...


Planar High Gain Antennas Based on Electromagnetic Band Gap Concept

  • This is an Indo-Australian joint partnership project. The main aim of this project is to develop a novel, versatile class of low-profile (thin) high-gain antennas. Read More...

Microwave image of an object hidden behind cloth

Microwave Imaging and Remote Sensing of Concealed Objects

  • This project mainly focuses on the development of a viable prototype system for the imaging of concealed objects using microwaves. Read More...


Humanities & Social Sciences

Artistic rendition of the possible museum plan

SandHISangrahalay Museum of Scientific Study of Indian Knowledge Systems

  • The SandHISangrahalay is envisaged as an interactive platform for displaying the finest intellectual achievements of the Indian mind in the field of science and technology as expressed and manifested in its material culture. Read More...

Study on the Interaction Between Formal And Informal Institutions

A Study on the Interaction Between Formal And Informal Institutions and Its Effect on Entrepreneurship

  • This study focuses on legal barriers that prevent new small and medium entrepreneurs to enter the market and create jobs. Read More...

Frugal Innovation

Project on Frugal Innovation in Design and Technology

  • Despite the hurdles of low literacy, poor infrastructure, lack of access to mainstream markets and the hegemony of the manufacturing giants, Read More...

Online mixer setup

Central Sector Scheme for MOOC Compliant E-Content Creation (NPTEL Phase IV)

  • Over the past ten years, the National Programme on Technology Enabled Learning (NPTEL) has been successful in creating the largest online repository in the world of courses in engineering, Read More...


Management Sciences

Key Issues for Enabling the Regional Power Market in South Asia

Cross Border Electricity Trade in South Asia: Prospects for Regional Cooperation

  • South Asian nations continue to witness poor electricity access and power shortages amidst sufficient hydro-electric resources in the region. Read More...

Multi-layer PCB Compaction Press

Establishment of a Multidisciplinary Innovation Lab

  • As the product life cycles are getting shorter and companies face intense pressure to be first in the market, this facility is expected to reduce the time to market and increase the profitability of start-ups. Read More...


Decision Support System to Enhance Safety of Railway Track Workers

  • Ever since creation of rail transportation, inspection of railway tracks has been a hazardous job due to lack of appropriate warning systems for approaching trains. Read More...



Scattering of a plane wave by a deformed cylindrical medium

Efficient and Accurate Algorithms for Acoustic and Electromagnetic Scattering from Inhomogeneous Scatters in Two and Three Dimensions

  • The project proposes development of efficient, accurate and rapidly-convergent algorithms for the simulation of scattering of acoustic and electromagnetic fields within and around structures. Read More....


Mechanical Engineering

Experimental Set-up: Figures (a), (b) schematic of the test section (c ) possible flow patterns and occurrence of film-instability in upward flow configuration, (d), (e) steel and concrete test slab with Heat Flux Sensors (HFS)

Local Heat Transfer Coefficient during Film Condensation of Stream Hydrogen Mixture


  • Condensation in the presence of non-condensable is an area of concern for long time especially in nuclear reactor containment cooling system. Read more...


Hand exoskeleton

A BCI Operated Hand Exoskeleton Based Neurorehabilitation System for Movement Restoration in Paralysis


  • It is known that stroke sufferers can gain much enhanced upper limb movement recovery with active physical practice in conjunction with motor imagery (MI) practice of activities of daily living. Read More...



An Investigation on Carbon Nanotube-Glass Composites for Bone Tissue Engineering


  • The area of bone tissue engineering integrates principles of biology and engineering with the ultimate goal of creating artificial scaffold materials to proliferate, Read More...

Thermal Energy Storage using Salt Hydrates

Innovative Thermal Energy Storage Systems − INOTES


  • If thermal enegy is available e.g. solar heat and/or industrial waste heat, but no demand at the same time, that heat cannot be used. Read More...

Seamless affordable assistive technology

Seamless affordable assistive technology for health (SAATH)

  • Normal ageing leads to physical and cognitive degeneration often causing loss of independence and the need for care support. Read More...

HMS Helsingborg

Use of Mode Localization for Quieter Panels of Superstructure in A Stealth Ship

  • Flat plates/laminates are widely used in construction of various parts of superstructure of a stealth ship to scatter electromagnetic waves as shown in Fig. 1 (a). Read More...


Development of a General Purpose CFD solver over a Hybrid Unstructured Grid

  • The project is a BRNS-funded multi-institute initiative for the development of robust, general-purpose CFD-software for solving the mass, momentum and scalar transport Equations at the continuum scale. Read More...

Proposed robot based on PVDF sensor

Design and Development of a Pipe-line Health Monitoring Robot based on Smart Sensor Embedded Rotating Probes and an Efficient Data Communication

  • Due to corrosive environment, pipes used for transportation often get damaged. Defects caused by corrosion and cracking may cause serious accidents like leakage, fire and blasts. Read more...

Asteroid Itokawa

Shapes, Stability and Dynamics of Granular Minor Planets

  • Objects such as asteroids and planetary satellites are called minor planets. Ongoing research suggests that these objects may not be solid, Read More...

Schematic drawing of CO2 Sequestration in Marine Hydrate Sediments with Simultaneous CH4 Recovery

CO2 Sequestration in Marine Hydrate Sediments with Simultaneous CH4 Recovery

  • Sequestration of CO2 in geologic formations is a technologically and financially viable option for controlling CO2 concentration in ambient atmosphere. Read More...

SAE Formula Racing Car

SAE Formula Racing Car- designed & BUILT BY Students of IIT Kanpur

  • The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) club of IITK participated in the 9th edition of the formula SAE 2013event Ricardo Paletti Circuit- Varano de' Melegari (PR) Italy, during 13th-16th September. Read More...

Leg Exoskeleton

Analysis of Human Gait and Design of A Leg Exoskeleton For Rehabilitation

  • The aim of this project is to develop a leg exoskeleton robot. The exoskeleton can be worn on the legs and would provide power and load sharing capacity during walk/exercise. Read More...


Deep Sea Pressure Test Facility

  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited has a division located in Korwa, UP which is engaged in design and development of flight data recorders. Read More...

Proposed test bed

Development of Compressed Air-Based Test Bed for Pipe-Line Health Monitoring Robot

  • This project aims at developing a compressed air based test bed on which performance of various pipe health monitoring robots (PHMR) ) can be examined. Read More...


Materials Science & Engineering

Unique Ferromagnetism in α-Mn Nanorods

Unique Ferromagnetism in α-Mn Nanorods


  • In the periodic table, Mn is located just before the ferromagnetic family of metals, namely, iron, cobalt and nickel. Read more...


Virtual Laboratory

Virtual Laboratory, Phase II


  • In the Phase-II of Virtual Lab, idea is to make all the developed labs into an open source repository that is available to community/academic institutes. Read more...


Sputter Deposition Unit

Reduction of Earth Metals in Chalkopyrite based Solar Cells


  • Relatively limited reserves of Indium and Gallium are expected to result into increased cost of CuInGaSe2 (CIGS) based solar-cells. Read more...


Seeing is believing: In-situ studies

Integration of in-situ Electron Backscatter Diffraction and crystal plasticity Simulations to decipher tension-compression asymmetry in Titanium and Ti6A14V


  • Structural components are likely to be subjected to loading reversal in service that can lead to failure. Read More...


Cryo-mill set up

Free Standing Nano-particle Formation by Ball Milling at Cryogenic Temperature


  • The study of nanocrystalline material is an active area of research in materials engineering, physics, chemistry, biomedical engineering etc. Read More...


Glove Box

Synthesis and Characterization of Iron Chalcogenide FES2 (Pyrite) and Fe2SiS4 Thin-Films for Photovoltaic Application


  • Present investigation will focus of solution based synthesis of iron-pyrite (FeS2 ), and iron thio-silicate (Fe2SiS4 ), and investigate their structural. Read More...

Ti-AL-Mo ternary isotherm at 1200oc

Investigation of Interdiffusion and Diffusional Interactions in the Ternary Ti-Al-Mo Alloys.

  • The phenomenon of solid-state diffusion is of significant importance in Materials Engineering as it guides most of the processes including precipitation, Read More...

Oxidation of Graphite and Protective Coatings

Oxidation of Graphite and Protective Coatings: Multi Length Scale Abridgment

  • The project "Oxidation of Graphite and Protective Coatings: Multi Length Scale Abridgment" funded by Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences aims to evaluate the oxidation behavior of graphite. Read More...

Epitaxial GaFeO3 thin films and room temperature ferroelectric behaviour [Nature Asia Materials (2016)]

Investigations into Compositionally Modulated Magnetoelectric Gallium Ferrite for Sensor and Transducer Applications

  • This project aims at exploring Gallium ferrite which is a known piezoelectric and ferrimagnetic material. Read More...

FRM simulation of σyy stress contours for γFe precipitate in the presence of interfacial misfit dislocation loop

Investigations into Coherent to Semicoherent Transition of Precipitates in Nanoscale Systems

  • Coherent precipitates on growth can become semi-coherent by the formation of interfacial misfit dislocation loops (beyond the critical size r*). Read More...

Addition of 1 mol.% CeO2 in ZrO2 host-lattice increases tendency to form high symmetry, high conductivity phases

Development of Higher Conductive Co-doped Sc2O3-ZrO2 Based Electrolyte for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

  • The aim of the project is to project is to rationally design materials with higher oxygen ion conductivity for the electrolyte application in solid oxide fuel cells. Read More...

Two-axis modulation fixture along with cutting tool

Microstructural and Tribological Characterization of Stainless Steel 316L obtained by Modulated Machining

  • It is known that presence of refined microstructure on the surface of a material can lead to substantial improvements in mechanical as well as functional properties. Read More...




Single-scale and multiscale diffusion

  • Modern science reveals that matter is made of atoms and molecules. Molecules in liquids and gases move randomly; there is an average distance between two nearest molecules. This distance is used to model the properties of the gas. However, there are certain problems, like turbulence, that cannot be solved using just the distance, which is a single scale. We need to consider all scales from large to small. Such systems are called multiscale systems.Read More...


New way to determine arrow of time

  • One of the annoying side effects of being absorbed in a gripping novel is that the cup of tea on the table becomes cold! Unfortunately, the tea would not heat itself by absorbing the heat around it, just as pieces of a broken egg would not put themselves together or milk mixed in coffee would not separate by itself. Such things are irreversible, and define a fixed direction of time—that from the past towards the future. This apparent progression of time is called the ‘arrow of time’.Read More...


Variable gaseous plasma focused ion beams and creation of high aspect ratio microstructures

  • Ion beam tools have become inevitable in today’s science and technology research and industrial applications. The application spans over several areas and traditionally have addressed milling, patterning, high resolution imaging and implantation, including fundamental physics research Read More...

A hot spot imaging technique

Developing Prototype of a Smart Superconducting Fault Current Limiter (SCFCLSM) with Three Dimensional Field and Current Mapping Technology for Early Fault and Hot Spot Detection

  • The Department of Science and Technology has funded this project. There is an ever increasing need for protecting power grids against damage by making them Read More...


STABLE Superhydrophobic Coating on Steel Surfaces for Corrosion Prevention and Water Drag Reduction

  • Steel is one of the most commonly used material now a days in every aspect of human life and corrosion is the most important issue associated with it. Read More...

Portable device for detection of cervical pre-cancer

Diagnosis of Cancer Using Fluorescence lifetime Imaging

  • The investigation of optical techniques for the study of biomedical systems is a rapidly developing field that has seen a dramatic expansion in recent years. Read More...

Image of waves excited in a plasma due to launching of pulsed modulated electromagnetic waves

Interaction of Pulse Modulated Electromagnetic Waves with plasmas: Electron Energy Distribution, Waves and Non-linear phenomena

  • Wave plasma interaction has been widely investigated especially with plasmas that are in steady state, inhomogeneous and nonmagnetic in nature. Read More...

Atomic force microscope image of corrugated sub-micron metal grating

Metamaterials and Designer Plasmonic Structures for Controlling Emission and Absorption of Light

  • The interaction of atoms and molecules depends on the electromagnetic environment in which the atom or molecule is placed and not only on the atomic/molecular structure. Read More...

A simulated structure of the double cavity- quantum-electrodynamic (QED) setup that will be built at IITK to host the experiment

A Triggered Source of Single Photons and Photon Pairs

  • The project proposes to develop a high-brightness triggered source of single photons and photon pairs, using laser cooled ensemble of Rubidium atoms coupled to two optical cavities. Read More...



As we traverse from a metal nanoparticle to thin nano-shells, the lattice expansion effects grain prominence.

Compression Causes Expansion.

  • Poisson Effect Driven Anomalous Lattice Expansion in Metal Nanoshells Read More...

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