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Microstructural and Tribological Characterization of Stainless Steel 316L obtained by Modulated Machining

PI: Prof. Shashank Shekhar

Co-PI: Prof. Gouthama
Prof. J. Ramkumar

Two-axis modulation fixture along with cutting tool

It is known that presence of refined microstructure on the surface of a material can lead to substantial improvements in mechanical as well as functional properties. Moreover, textured surface layer have been shown to endow materials with improved wear resistance and other multifunctional characteristics like electrochemical and biological responses. Enhanced corrosion resistance and increased sub-micron scale features on the surface have significant implications for nuclear industry. One of the major goals of this project is to develop a two-axis modulation fixture which will be placed on the tool-post of a lathe-machine. This modulation fixture would be used to generate two-dimensional submicron features on surface of steel substrate along with grain refinement in the sub-surface layer. Microstructural and tribological characteristics of these machined samples will be studied as a function of deformation parameters and modulation parameters.





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