Innovation Highlights


The discoveries at IITK in fundamental and applied sciences act as a trigger. There is creative use of the new knowledge, leading to innovation. The innovation highlights showcase the usefulness of the research done at IIT Kanpur.


Pic: evive

evive - An opensource embedded learning, building & debugging platform (by IITK Students)

evive is an open-source embedded platform for all age groups to help them learn, build & debug their robotics, embedded and other projects. With an Arduino Mega at its heart, evive offers a unique menu-based visual interface which removes the need to re-program the Arduino repeatedly. evive also offers the world of Internet of Things with power supplies, sensory and actuator support in one small portable unit. Equipped with accurate voltage & current sensing, plotting and data logging capabilities evive can double up as a mini Oscilloscope. evive can work with LabVIEW, MATLAB, ROS, Python etc. evive's plug and play hardware interface allows learners to build a variety of interesting projects.

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Pic: Small Industries Development Bank of India

Fabrication of Low Cost Lab Electrospinning Machine (by Dr. Sandip Patil, the founder of E-Spin Nanotech Pvt. Ltd.)

Super-ES series, the entry level electrospinning unit, has been uniquely designed for ease of operations, scalability, modularity, flexibility and production of highest quality nano-fibres. The modular design and its versatility are facilitated by various innovative components such as a controlled collector for the alignment of fibres, core-shell nozzles, a precisely controlled environment and multiple nozzles arrangement for bulk scale fibre production.

Pic: Small Industries Development Bank of India

RiskEval - A comprehensive suite of ERM solutions (by Sanjeev Newar, the founder of Aarsh Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

RiskEval is designed by Risk professionals and hence the controls and options are focused solely based on proactive risk analytics. The suite is functionally enriched along with sound built-in security and safety features that take care of all risk analytics, regulatory requirements, risk based audit trails, backups, and detailed user roles management and confidentiality.

Pic: Vikram Gupta

Intelligent LP Gas Detector (by Anand Shenoy, the founder of IAITO Infotech Pvt. Ltd.)

It is a safety product for LPG users. It can sense the LPG at different ppm levels and rings an alarm. Some of its salient features include:

  • Low and high pressure cut out.
  • Constant gas flow regulation and logger.
  • Constant temperature monitoring and logger.
  • Safety Standards & Safety Alerts.
  • Flow Rate Monitoring & Metering.
  • Eco-friendly and saves energy.
  • Discrete Modules Flexibility.
  • Easy integration with existing module.
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