Technology Development Initiative

Since its inception in 1959 the institute has done an excellent job teaching and conducting research resulting in highly accomplished alumni, a wealth of research papers and recognition as a leading technology institution worldwide. The Technology Development Initiative (TDI) is designed to further the teaching and research objectives of the institution and enable better marketing of the research being done and facilititate the development of technology and products/services.


Specifically, the Technology Development Initiative is designed to support the following goals:

  • Partner, develop and deliver complete technology

  • Lead globally in selected domains of Science & Technology

  • Help the country improve its manufacturing skill/base

  • Create technological solution to large societal problems

  • Help the country bridge the gap in manpower training,

  • Improve national infrastructure, fortify economy, create more jobs, prove useful partner to PSU/industry, and strengthen strategic sectors (DAE/DoD/DoS)



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