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Macrobicyclic Cryptands as Platforms for Attachment of Donor and Acceptor Groups: Photo-Induced Energy and Charge Transfer 

PI: Prof. P.K.Bharadwaj

Cryptand based molecular photonic device

In systems containing more than one type of fluorophores substantial energy/charge transfer can take place depending upon the nature of the fluorophores. A cryptand as a platform is attractive for studying energy/charge transfer because it allows sequential addition of different fluorophores. Besides, it can undergo conformational changes to enable partial movement of one of the side arms with respect to another, which changes the distance and the orientation of the fluorophores with respect to one another, with implications on the energy/charge transfer efficiency. In continuation of our studies with these molecules, different donor and acceptor moieties will be attached to cryptands and acyclic molecules as well. This project is of fundamental nature with the ultimate aim of using solar energy for useful purposes.

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