Featured Research Chemical Engineering

Non-Gassing Electrode Materials for Electro-Osmotic Pumping Based Subcutaneous Drug Delivery System

PI: Prof. P.K. Bhattacharya 

Drug delivery system

Miniature pumps are the core of programmable drug delivery systems. Of the known miniature pumps, electro-osmotic pumps are arguably the simplest of all pumps, having no moving parts. They consist of merely an ionic membrane sandwiched between two electrodes. The conventional electrode material, platinum being obviously expensive, has the shortcoming of
catalyzing the generation of oxygen at the anode and of hydrogen at the cathode. As a result, the resulting flow is neither constant nor predictable. It is specifically proposed to synthesize potentially very inexpensive quinone derivatives /polymers and tailor these for use in nongassing electrosmotic pumps for transcutaneous drug delivery.


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