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Science and Technology of Water Harvesting and Management in the Medieval Fort of Kalinjar in Central India

PI: Prof. Shivam Tripathi
CO-PI: Prof. Naren Naik
           Prof. Javed Malik


Water bodies in the Kalinjar fort
Water bodies in the Kalinjar fort

The project aims at understanding the science and technology of water harvesting and management in medieval forts of Central India. We are studying the role of hydrology in selection of fort sites, the principles of design and maintenance of surface and sub-surface water harvesting bodies, water distribution and drainage network in a fort, and measures adopted to mitigate the effects of hydrological extremes. A detailed hydrological investigation will be carried out at Kalinjar fort, a representative medieval fort of Central India. The research team involves experts in archeology, hydrology, and sub-surface imaging. The knowledge accumulated will be used to develop a short course on water harvesting and management of medieval forts.


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