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Improving Coverage of Test- Suites via Automatic Test-Case Generation

PI: Dr. Subhajit Roy
Co-PI: Dr. Amey Karkare


Program testing is a fundamental chore in the development of any software system. An expert testing team, using relevant domain knowledge of the system being built, would design a set of test-cases aimed at ascertaining certain degree of confidence in the product. However, such test-cases often fail to uncover small corner-case bugs. The project aims to build a tool that would leverage the testing team's effort to improve test coverage. By leveraging on the knowledge of these domain experts, and supplementing it with the rigour of systematic exploration based on formal methods, this tool is more likely to gain improved coverage than either a manually developed test-suite or a completely  automated test-case generation system. It is expected that this will also open our tools to wider acceptance as the trusted domain experts are not replaced, only complemented, by this tool.

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