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A solution based approach to the fabrication of novel chalcogenide glass microlens arrays for the 6-12 µm IR optics applications.

PI: Prof. Ashutosh Sharma
Co-PI: Dr. Prabhat Dwivedi


Mid Infrared (MIR) technology is now major part of current research in sensing (chemical/biological) and military applications.  However, to use this particular spectral range, cost effective and easy to fabricate optical materials and structures that are transparent in the MIR are needed to focus and detect the light. With the recent development of less expensive un-cooled detector technology, expensive optics is among the remaining significant cost drivers. As a potential solution to this problem, chalcogenide glass has been studied in recent years. In the current project, we will explore solution phase deposition and patterning in chalcogenide glasses which will open doors as a promising route towards the realization of novel techniques to fabricate microlens arrays in chalcogenide glasses for 6-12 µm IR optics applications. We will also develop a set up to test optical performance of the developed microlens arrays with the help of IRDE, Dehradun (DRDO Lab).






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