Featured Research Mechanical Engineering

Use of Mode Localization for Quieter Panels of Superstructure in A Stealth Ship

PI: Prof. Shakti Gupta


HMS Helsingborg
Dean, Research and Development

Flat plates/laminates are widely used in construction of various parts of superstructure of a stealth ship to scatter electromagnetic waves as shown in Fig. 1 (a). These flat structures have very low stiffness leading to enhanced vibration, fatigue failure and noisy habitat in the battle ship. To reduce vibration of such plates we propose to study and utilize the phenomenon of mode localization. Mode localization is a phenomenon in which a mode of vibration in a flat plate gets localized in a certain region of it depending on the constraint imposed within its interior (see Fig. 1(b)). In the recent past we have proved occurrence of this phenomenon computationally. In this project our goal is to observe and validate the phenomenon and develop a methodology to implement it practically.


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