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Intelligent Tutor project

PI: Dr. Amey karkare
     Dr. Sumit Gulwani

Autograder Prutor

The project is aiming to develop Intelligent Tutoring Systems to assist in teaching large classrooms. This includes software for problem solving, hint generation, new problem generation, and automated grading. These tutoring systems will be developed for various topics such as Chemistry (Periodic Table), Math (Limits, Trigonometry), and Logic (Natural Deduction) to name a few. Automated tutoring systems are not only indispensable in Massive Open Online Classrooms (MOOCs), but are also useful for traditional classroom settings. The team includes Dr. Amey Karkare and Dr. Subhajit Roy (both Faculty, CSE), Dr. Sumit Gulwani (Adjunct Faculty, CSE and Microsoft Research, Redmond) and students from CSE department.

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