3rd International Yoga Day (21 June 2017, Wednesday) Celebration at IIT Kanpur



The 3rd International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21 June 2017, Wednesday at IIT Kanpur with great enthusiasm and vigour. Almost 200 participants took part in that event.Prof. Indranil Manna, Director, IIT Kanpurwith students, faculty,officers, staff and their family members also participated in the event. 107 male and 92 female participants took part in the event. Participants of all age groups participated in the event with great enthusiasm. Two yoga (2) teachers accompanied by 50 trained volunteers were there to conduct the yoga practice as per the directions received from Ministry.

All the participants, Volunteers and Yoga teachers assembled in the earmarked area at 6am itself so as to ensure that the practice session is conducted in the most conducive manner even for the novice participant.

The Yoga session started exactly at 7 am with Prayer, and systematic practice of different ‘ASANAS” of standing, sitting and laying positions (both lying on back andreverse) smoothly changing in succession under the instructions of Yoga teacher and supervision of trained Volunteers. During the course of “Yogabhyas”, the Yoga teacher also narrated the usefulness of different “Asanas” as a precautionary measure, in curing many Diseases and the usefulness of Yoga in the overall wellbeing of a human being. 

The entire “YOGABHYAS” lasted for an hour and ended at 8 am with a “Sanskrit Shloka” and Oath by all the participants that they will continue to practice Yoga for keeping their Body and mind in healthy, stress-free and cheerful condition.

After the Yoga session appropriate refreshments were served to all the participants.

Some of the photographs of the event are given below:



Four generations of Ms. Kulkarni’s family took part in the 3rd Yoga Day Celebration at IIT Kanpur





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