Transition And Turbulence





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Elements of viscous flows and thin shear layer approximation. Different types of TSL flows. Instabilities in flows. Raleigh Taylor, Kelvin Helmholtz mechanisms. Thin shear layer instabilities: for parallel and nonparallel flows. Temporal and spatial instabilities in boundary layers. Convective / absolute, local/global instabilities of boundary layers, wakes, jets and free shear layers. Primary and secondary instabilities and relationship of instability theories to transition. Receptivity of shear layers for 2 and 3D flows. Bypass transition in different flows. Classified views of turbulent flows. Scales, spectra and closure of turbulent flows. Vorticity dynamics and other kinematics tools of turbulence. Role of stretching and dispersion in small scale turbulence. Route to turbulence: Chaos via nonlinearity, instabilities and bifurcation. Coherent structures in turbulence: Universality of transitional and turbulent flows. Study of turbulence via chaos dynamics ans proper orthogonal decomposition (POD). DNS, LES and other closure schemes of turbulence 


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