Automatic Control Of Aircraft Rockets And Spacecraft





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Course Contents

  1. Introduction to Automatic Control Systems.(Plant Models, Control Algorithms, Sensors, Actuators, Control Systems. Classification).

  2. Introduction to Rigid Body Dynamics and Flight Models.

  3. Linear Systems (Analog and Digital Systems, Transfer Function and Frequency. Response, State Space Representations, Stability, Performance, and Robustness).

  4. Single Variable Linear Control(Proportional, Integral, Derivative Control, Rate and Rate Integrating Gyros, Single Input Regulation by Pole Placement, Linear Observers, SISO Compensation and Tracking, Single Axis Attitude Control, Aircraft Heading Autopilot, Aircraft Speed. Autopilot, Roll Autopilots for Aircraft, Rockets, and Entry Vehicles, Planar Tracking Systems for Rockets and Entry Vehicles, Pitch Stabilization of Gravity Gradient Spacecraft, Spacecraft Single Axis Maneuvers).

  5. Multivariable Linear Optimal Control(Linear Optimal Control, Linear Quadratic Regulator, Kalman Filter, Optimal Compensation and Multivariable Tracking, Longitudinal Autopilots for Aircraft, Bank to turn Missiles, and Entry Vehicles, Lateral Directional Autopilots for Atmospheric Flight Vehicles, Attitude Stabilization of Spacecraft, Reaction Wheel Control Systems, Magnetic Torquer/Reaction Wheel Control Systems, Control Moment Gyroscopes ,Variable Speed Control Moment Gyroscopes, Thrust Vectoring Attitude Control of Rockets).

  6. Terminal Time Weighted Linear Optimal Control (Time Varying Tracking Systems, Guidance and Control of Rockets and Entry Vehicles, Automated Orbital Rendezvous).

  7. Digital Implementation of Linear Flight Control Systems.



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