Acoustics In Fluids





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Course ContentsIntroduction to the course. Fundamentals of acoustics: Derivation of wave equation, speed of sound, harmonic waves, acoustic energy/intensity, decibel scale, acoustic impedance, reflection and transmission at the interface of two media. Wave propagation: Rectangular and circular ducts, cutoff frequency, free field propagation. Acoustics of resonantors: Travelling and standing waves, boundary conditions, eigenfrequency and Eigen modes, effects of area variation, reflection and transmission of waves in pipes. Acoustic sources: Inhomogeneous wave equation, acoustic sources: monopole, bipole & quadruple sources, acoustic reciprocity, aero acoustic analogies. Attention of sound: Viscous and thermal conduction losses, absorption coefficient, sound absorption in pipes. Application of principles of acoustics: Aero acoustic jet noise, combustion instability noise.



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