Theory Of Combustion





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Introduction to combustion: Types of flames, role of chemical kinetics Chemical Kinetics : Formulation of chemical kinetics equations, reaction mechanisms, steady state approximation, Arrhenius Law : Formulation of Arrhenius law, Microscopic consideration of reaction rates. Explosions : Thermal explosions, Chain branching explosions, Chemical equilibrium Conservation equations for reacting flows : Shvab Zeldovich formulation. Laminar premixed combustion : Flame speed Thermal theory (Mallard and Le Chatellier), Diffusion Theory (Zeldovich, Frank Kamenstakii and Semenov), Flame stabilization, Quenchingt and Flammability limits micro combustion. Detonation and Deflagration : Chapman Hugoniot relations, Chapman Jouguet points Liminar non premixed combustion: Burke Schulman Analysis, Phenomenological Analysis Ignition, Extinction and Flammability. Turbulent premixed combustion: Theories, Time and length scales, thin flame approach, stirred reactor. Turbulent non premixed combustion: Conserved scalar approach, two variable approach, flame let model, direct closure. 


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