This year Cultural Festival Antaragni’21 will be conducted in online mode

Antaragni, the cultural festival of IIT Kanpur, marks an eruption of cultural flair and creative exuberance that is the hallmark of our national diversity in general, and our institute in particular, thus defining the purpose it seeks to fulfill. Over the years, Antaragni has expanded and evolved into the biggest cultural extravaganza organised by students of an institute. The fest has experienced a breath-taking 130,000-strong footfall with more than 25,000,000 eyeballs. More than anything else, Antaragni is a legacy promoting excellence and prowess in talent and culture that has been continuing for over 54 years and we are proud to conduct the 55th edition of Antaragni while keeping the spark alive and the fire inside each one of us, raging.

In view of the ongoing pandemic, Antaragni is being conducted in an online mode while preserving the spirit and zest of our Cultural Festival, to keep the enthusiasm high and the legacy ever golden. The second phase of Antaragni is scheduled from March 19 to March 21, 2021, with a myriad of cultural artists, influential visionaries, and soulful personalities gracing our ebullient cultural festival and adding a pinch of their persona, culture, talent, and vision to the very soul of Antaragni.




Antaragni has embraced the online mode of festival conduction with immense finesse and elegance. We have adapted to the present situation and optimised event and competition conduction with the perspective and mission to deliver an unparalleled experience. Antaragni presents a plethora of star attractions to look forward to with zeal and passion:

The Stand-up comedy event aimed to induce rib-tickling laughter amalgamated with a brilliant comedic premise stars the prominent and hilarious comedians, Aakash Gupta and Harsh Gujral in the lineup.




We also present the India Inspired event with Andy Mukherjee and Siddhartha Bagri, with the motivation to inspire the audience through the perspective of illustrious personalities cutting across a multitude of fields.

The Alum Inspired event includes a talk with Dr. Duvvuri Subbarao who is an Indian Economist and Central Banker.

The Talent Fiesta event introduces talents across a wide cultural setting as the name suggests and as a part of the event, we introduce Satyajit Padhye Page and Ami B Shroff with their immense and unique talents.

As part of the Wanderlust series, we present enchanting stories of people travelling across the globe along with tricks of the trade with Desi Girl Traveller, Footloose Dev, Indian Travel Diaries, and Kishore Asokan.

Sejal Kumar and Arati Kadav also join the lineup of high-spirited cultural artists as part of the Ignite event and Director’s Cut respectively. Expanding the creative spectrum of Antaragni, we also present artists from around the world with their idiosyncratic talents and cultural motivations, with a mission to tell their story. This monumental lineup features Maymi Asgari, Giselle, Angie Cepeda, Cristian Duca, Alexandra Pana, Jason Maher, Dimitris Pekas & Giacomo Gamberucci, Prichia Beatbox, Luke White, Gonzo, Gwyneth Dorado, Jehova Shallom & Acapella ug, and Juzzie Smith. With exalted enthusiasm and extreme fervour, we take honour in presenting the Sponsors for Antaragni.

Antaragni is powered by Lohia Corp, Title Sponsor, Concerts; Fundamakers, Co-Title Sponsor, Concert Nite; Bingo!, Title Sponsor, Comedy Nite; JK Cement Ltd., Title Sponsor, Alum Inspired; Kanpur Development Authority, Co-Title Sponsor, India Inspired and Official Development Partner; Mahindra, Title Sponsor, India Inspired; Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation, Official Mobility Partner;, Title Sponsor, Vistex and Official Trading Partner; Trippy Miles, Brought to you by Wanderlust; iSchoolConnect, Official Applications Partner; Pokerstars, Official Poker Partner; Title Sponsor, Encore and powered by Talent Fiesta; News18, Digital Media Partner; Curriculum, Magazine partner; ETV Bharat, News Channel Partner; DU Express, Student Media Partner; Youth Incorporated, Youth Media Partner.

We are grateful to our Sponsors to support us through these tough times and keep the grandeur maintained as Antaragni pushes against the boundaries set up by the pandemic and promises edification of the notions of the cultural landscape of society. This Antaragni, we promise you’ll be stepping into a different universe, to behold the plethora of emotions.

Festival chairman: Prof Manindra Agarwal
Festival coordinators: Shrey Gaur, Jairanjan Sharma
Heads, Media and Publicity: Anirudh, Shibalik

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Day 1 of Antaragni’21

 Antaragni, the annual cultural festival of IIT Kanpur, kicked off an incredible beginning to its 55th edition with immense zeal and gusto from the artists, visionaries, and students alike. Day 1 witnessed enthusiastic participation levels, where people joined to become a part of the flair and synergy that Antaragni exudes and resonates with the spirit of Antaragni. Even in a virtual mode, the festival upheld its theme of ‘Helmed Horizons’ as talks and performances enabled participants to rise from the self and become one with the spark, the idea, the raging flame of Antaragni.

The Opening ceremony was marked by the address of Professor Abhay Karandikar, Director, IIT Kanpur, and Shri Saurabh Chandra, a retired IAS officer who is also an alumnus of IIT Kanpur. The inspirational talks were sure to motivate the students to make the best of opportunities and captured the idea behind conducting this exuberant cultural festival, Antaragni.

The first cultural artist gracing the occasion was Ami Shroff, a master juggler and mixologist who displayed her dexterity and passion to the bewildered audience, truly marking Antaragni’s mission to redefine conceived notions and present novelty every single time.

This was followed by an insightful discussion between Siddhartha Bagri, the founder and CEO of Pravaig Dynamics, a visionary who aims to seize the future with his innovative electrical vehicles, and Kaustubh Mundra, an alumnus of IIT Kanpur currently at Bain & Co. The discussion highlighted several inspiring and informational concepts about the future of electrical vehicles and the thought behind innovation.

Next in the lineup was a Powerful yet soothing performance by The Yellow Diary who played for the Fusion Night of Antaragni. The virtual pronite was a success with the band emanating emotions and thoughts with their beautiful compositions which captured the heartbeats and the sentiments of every single participant. The band ensured that the audience went on a psychedelic musical journey of emotions in all its purity and innocence.

Concluding Day 1 of the 55th edition of Antaragni was the unconventionally hilarious, Aakash Gupta who kept the audience rolling over the floor laughing with his relatable observations complementing his exceptional wit and comedic premise. The barrage of jokes wrapped up in a brilliantly written set was a fit conclusion to the passionate and eventful first day of the cultural festival of IIT Kanpur, Antaragni.

Day 1 of Antaragni’21 Schedule

The 55th edition of Antaragni is all set to give you 3 days of the most amazing, unforgettable virtual experience of your life. Here are the following major attractions for Day 1:

Major Attractions:

  1. Opening Ceremony: -
    Director's Speech
    Chief Guest – Mr Saurabh Chandra (Retd. IAS Officer)
    Time: 6:00 pm onwards
    Platform: Paytm Insider

  2. India Inspired: -
    Discussion with Siddhartha Bagri (CEO, PRAVAIG Dynamics)
    Topic – Logistical and Cultural barriers for Electric Vehicles in India
    Time: 8:00 pm onwards
    Platform: Paytm Insider

  3. Fusion Night
    The Yellow Diary
    Time: 9:00 pm onwards
    Platform: Paytm Insider

  4. Standup Comedy by Aakash Gupta
    Time: 10:00 pm onwards

Do register on Paytm Insider for free (click RSVP tab) to access our shows:


Day 2 of Antaragni’21 Schedule

 After a newly intense and exhilarating experience at Day 1 of Antaragni '20, we move on to the second day of the festival with more fun-filled shows and power-packed performances lined up. Following are the major attractions for Day 2:

Major Attractions:

  1. Cast Meet: -
    Operation MBBS Season 2
    Time: 1:00 pm onwards

  2. Talent Fiesta: -
    Ami Shroff - Flair bartender, mixologist, juggler
    Time: 3:00 pm onwards

  3. India Inspired: -
    Hon'ble Minister of Textiles, Minister of Women and Child Development - Smt Smriti Irani
    Time: 5:00 pm onwards

  4. Unfiltered: -
    Interactive session with Aparshakti Khurana
    Time: 7:00 pm onwards
    Join at:

  5. International Carnival: -
    French Beatbox Champion - Prichia
    Time: 9:00 pm onwards

  6. Standup Comedy by Abhishek Upmanyu: -
    Time: 10:00 pm onwards
    Join at:

All events except Standup Comedy would be streamed on Paytm Insider. Due to some technical difficulties, the registration link has been regenerated. We request you to register once again (click RSVP tab) at:


Day 3 of Antaragni’21

 Antaragni marks the spirit of cultural synergy and showcase with a mission to harness the passion, vision, and artistic aptitude of the people associated with it. Over the three days of the conduction of Antargani, they truly justified their motto of ‘Unleashing the fire within’ with a plethora of majestic and mesmerizing performances coupled with insightful talks and a range of wonderful showcases.

Day 3 of Antaragni kicked off with an illuminating talk under the India Inspired event with Vikram Chandra, one of the leading literary artists who is well known for having penned Sacred Games, a vivacious thriller that took the whole world. With his talk, Vikram gave the audience the experiences, anecdotes, and the work that goes behind the scenes, literature insight as well as motivation for future prospects.

Next in line, Antaragni had another insightful Alum Inspired talk by Duvvuri Subbarao, an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and an eminent economist and central banker. His talk focused on a financial-based standing and in that process truly left a mark over the future generation of the country in all of his wisdom, and inspired the audience to make their presence felt and passions high.

Following these uplifting talks, Antaragni hosted several different performers from around the world in the international carnival event wherein all cultural artists brought passion and idiosyncrasy to the festival as a whole.

The first performance featured an extraordinary guitarist and singer and a finalist of Asia’s got talent, Gwyneth Dorado, who mesmerized the audience with her instrumental skills and induced harmony and rhythm to the atmosphere.

Next in the lineup was Maymi Asgari, an icon of modern football who has been paramount in reforming the culture to induce women’s inclination towards the sport. She graced the occasion with all of her inspiration and spectacular freestyle skills, which were a treat to the eyes of the audience. With the mission to further expand the spectrum of performances, Antaragni hosted Giselle, a breathtaking pole artist with some fantastic moves who really grasped the attention and awe of all the people present as she exhibited her grace, strength, and elegance over the pole.

In continuation with the amazing performances, the Talent fiesta event witnessed two artists with a penchant for cultural performances. First in line was Keshav Tyohar, a singer, songwriter, and producer who was also the assistant music director for Sadak 2. He presented the audience with an impressive range of songs and showcased his immense talents in a wonderful event.

The following performance was by Rahul Kharbanda, a mind-bending illusionist who has portrayed his talent on some of the farthest-reaching national and international stages. The event witnessed some unprecedented illusions which were successful in taking the audience’s breath and also a segue into what goes behind the scenes of being a master illusionist.

Antargani hosted Krishnamurthy Subramanian, the Chief Economic Adviser to the Government of India in the next edition of Alum Inspired. He is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and soon, with his distinguished work with SEBI, RBI, JPMC, ICICI, Tata Consultancy Services, ISB, Bandhan Bank, and many more, he established his eminent name in the domain of financial economics and in the global community as well. The inspiring and visionary dialogue with him talked about the financial viewpoints, the experiences he had gathered on his journey, his motivation to become an economist and concluded with his energizing and motivational words for the audience.

Stand-up comedy remains ubiquitous to Antaragni and with this idea, the next cultural performance was a rib-tickling comedic episode brought to the audience live by Harsh Gujral. He is an exceptional comedian who wins the stage every time owing to his vibrant jokes and Kanpuriya background and did the same on Day 3 of Antaragni. His interaction with the audience coupled with a smartly written set gave everyone present in the event an unforgettable positive and hilarious experience.

Next in the lineup of Wanderlust was a travel and lifestyle blogger plus YouTuber, Kritika Goel, who took the most dreamt about step of dropping out of the rat race and creating a career around her interests. Accompanying her passionate endeavors was Exploring India, a team of wondrous people who travel India for nothing less than an adventure-filled trip. The session revolved around the backdrop of the vivid and vivacious travel vlogging and blogging as the panel revealed their experiences, anecdotes, and aspirations in an engrossing discussion.

As part of the Ignite event, Antaragni hosted Sejal Kumar, an Indian YouTube personality and video blogger, and one of the few first-generation lifestyle influencers’ in India. She houses a magnetic personality and an attractive charm all enveloped in a confident and enthusiastic aura, all of which captivated the audience as she delved into her journey as an influencer and Youtuber, all of which gave way for acting prowess as well. A monumental journey accompanied with impressive talents and a head-strong attitude were markers of the event which ended on an inspiring and spectacular note.

After such amazing experiences, everyone wishes to relive the magical moments all over again and for this reason alone, in a parallel session, the Encore event was conducted which displayed some of the best snippets and presented the gist of the monumental cultural showcase of Antragani at a glimpse.

With the resurgence of Chess in the lockdown period and the game getting worldwide attention all over again, Antaragni invited Vidit Gujrathi, the number 3 player in India and number 24 around the globe, for a chess stream as he went up against the best chess players of IIT Kanpur. The winners of the chess tournament got the fascinating opportunity to face Vidit in a live stream with his commentary. The event was attended by a number of chess enthusiasts in what turned out to be an amazing opportunity for the chess players.

The following event was a workshop by the distinguished CAT coaching, Fundamakers. The workshop gave a basic insight into management and MBA preparation, the art of preparing oneself for tests like CAT and GMAT, and resources for the same. It was an enriching experience that would definitely motivate the audience towards MBA prep.

In a fit conclusion to the vigor, fervor, enthusiasm, and passion stirred up by Antaragni, none other than Sonu Nigam graced the Blitzkrieg night of the virtual pronite sessions. The mesmerizing symphonies resulting from the enthralling concert connected each and everyone present in the event, breaking all the distance barriers, as music emanated from the soul and sentiments flowed with the rhythm. The extravagant event exceeded all expectations and maintained the spirit and spark of cultural flair that Antaragni presents.

Day 3 of Antaragni’21 Schedule

We are into the final day of this truly thrilling expedition to the virtual world of Antaragni '20. We request your company as we near the conclusion. Here are the major attractions for Day 3:

Major Attractions:

  1. Alum Inspired: -
    Duvvuri Subbarao - Former Governor, RBI
    Time: 12:00 pm onwards

  2. Alum Inspired: -
    Krishnamurthy Subramanian - Chief Economic Adviser to GoI
    Time: 3:00 pm onwards

  3. Standup Comedy by Harsh Gujral: -
    Time: 4:00 pm onwards
    Join at:

  4. Ignite: -
    Panel: Sejal Kumar, Raj Shamani, Lakshay Anand
    Time: 6:00 pm onwards

  5. Chess Stream: -
    GM Vidit Gujrathi (India's #3) to commentate the Final and play against the Winner
    Time: 7:00 pm onwards

  6. Blitzkrieg: -
    Time: 8:30 pm onwards

All events except Standup Comedy would be streamed on Paytm Insider. If you haven't registered yet, hop on to (click RSVP tab):




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