Indian Art And Civilization





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Indian Art from Ancient Times: Rock Paintings of Bhimbetka and Indus Valley Civilization; Early Indian Art (1" 10'h Century A.D.): Buddhist Art from Gandhara and Kushan School Buddhist Arts of Samath, Ajanta and Ellora, Chalukyan Art of Badami, Rashrakuta Art of Deccan; Medieval Indian Art (lO'h 14'h Century A.D.): Chola Art of Deccan Temples of Khajuraho, Temple of Konark, Paintings of Lepakshi; 15th to 19th Century Art: Moghul Miniatures, Jain Miniature, Mysore and Tanjore Schools of Art, Guier and Kulu Miniatures Rajasthani and Pahari Schools, Company and Bazar Art; Contemporary and Modem Indian Art 20th 21" Century: Individual Artists.




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