Introduction To Western Art





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What is Art? Cave Paintings: 14,00010,000 BC: Altamira Cave Paintings; The Art of the Classical Civilizations: 3,000 BCAD 500: 8000600 BC: Mesopotamia; 3000270 BC: Egypt;1230100 BC: Greece; 700 BCAD 325: Rome; 3251453: Byzantium; The Art of the Middle Ages: 4751500: 4751000: The Dark Ages; 10001350: The High Middle Ages; 13501500: The Late Middle Ages; The Art of the Modern Period: 1500present: 14001550: Renaissance;15501700: Baroque; 17001800: Rococo and Classical; 17901850: Romantic; 18501910:Realism, Impressionism, Expressionism; 19101950: Cubism, Fauvism, Abstraction, Modernism, Dada; 1950 present: Recent



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