Modern Instrumental Methods in Biological Sciences





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Course Contents

  1. Applications of spectroscopic and other techniques to the study of bio molecules: UVVis spectroscopy, Circular dichroism, Fluorescence, NMR, Mass, IR and Raman spectroscopy, X-Ray diffraction.

  2. Analysis of Proteins: Electrophoretic separation of proteins (single dimension native and denaturing gels, 2D and digital electrophoretic analysis), detection (staining, blotting and immune detection) specialized applications (in vitro synthesis of protein, labeling and Mass spectrometry), ultracentrifugation.

  3. Techniques with Radioisotopes: Introduction Isotopes and Radioactivity Ionization Effects, Measurement Units, Measurement Techniques, Autoradiography, Biological Uses of Radioisotopes, Tracer Dilution Technique, Radioimmunoassay

  4. Cellular Imaging Techniques: Microscopy: Phase contrast, Fluorescence, Atomic Force and con focal.

  5. Electron Microscopy: Negative staining, cryo EM, Transmission EM and Scanning EM.





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