Cellular Moleculer Biology





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Course Contents

  1. Molecular Genetic Techniques and Genomics: Genetic analyses of mutations to indentify and study genes; DNA cloning and characterization; Genome wide analyses of gene structure and gene expression; Inactivating the function of specific genes in eukaryotes; Identifying and locating human disease genes

  2. Molecular Structure of Genes and Chromosomes: Chromosomal organization genes and non coding DNA; Mobile DNA; Structural organization of eukaryotic chromosomes; organelle DNAs

  3. Transcriptional Control of Gene Expression: Eukaryotic gene control and RNA polymerase; regulatory sequences in protein coding genes; activators and repressors of transcription; mechanism of transcription activation and repression.

  4. Posttranscriptional Gene Control: Processing of eukaryotic premRNA; transport across nuclear envelope; cytoplasmic mechanism of posttranscriptional control; processing of rRNA and tRNA.

  5. Cell signalling: Signalling molecules and cell surface receptors; intracellular signal transduction; G protein coupled receptors

  6. Membrane trafficking: Translocation of secretory proteins across the ER membrane; protein modifications, folding and quality control in the ER; export and sorting of proteins.

  7. Eukaryotic cell cycle: Biochemical and genetics studies on cell cycle; mechanisms regulating mitotic events; meiosis a special type of cell division.





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