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Ideal and non ideal VLE (Txy Pxy plots, Azeotrope): Computation of 2+2VLE data (Temperature composition, Pressure composition plots) using (i) ideal mixture assumption and (ii) using various activity coefficient models such as Van Laar model, UNIFAC etc. Special emphasis on VLE of azeotropic mixtures. Examples: Benzene ethanol, Furfural water, benzene cyclo hexane mixtures. Two film model for mass transfer between gas and liguid (e.g. C02 1+1absorption using K2C03 solution, NH3 absorption in dilute acid solution): Study of the absorption, reaction and diffusion processes in a contact reactor/bubble absorber/packed tower/plate column through the two film model. Formulation of the steady state problem in terms of differential equations for gas and liquid phase species using Fick's law, the gas liquid equilibrium relations, and reaction rate expressions. Effect of limitingdiffusion and reaction steps. Numerical solution methods, such as Crank Nicholson with Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions. Steady state concentration profiles with different combinations of rate parameters. 



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