Basic Organic Chemistry -II




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Prerequisites:CHM 301; CHM 203 (New ARC)CHM203A 

Course Contents

Oxidation: With Cr and Mn compounds; with peracids and other peroxides; with periodic acid, Pb (OAc)4,Hg (OAc)2 and SeO2.Reduction: Catalytic hydrogenation; metal hydride, dissolving metal and hydrazine based reductions. Cram Felkin Anh model. CC Bond Formation : Acyloin, Aldol, Stobbe, Claisen, Knovenagel and Benzoin condensations, Darzens glycidic ester synthesis; Dieckmann reactions, Wittig reaction, Diels Alder and ene reactions, Reformatsky reaction. Aceto acetic ester and malonic ester synthesis. Acylation reactions. Enamine reactions. Gattermannaldehyde synthesis. Michael and Mannich reactions. Synthesis o f Poly nuclear Hydrocarbons: Carbohydrate Chemistry: Introduction, Structural elucidation and some typical eactions of mono and dischharides Heterocyclic Chemistry: Furan, Pyrrole, Thiophene, Pyridine, Indole, quino lines etc. Problems: (9)Based on multi step reactions involving CC bond formation, oxidation and Reduction (to be solved in the class and supplemented by home assignments). 



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