Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Experiments




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Estimation of iron in minute quantities by UV vis spectro photometry Principles of colorimetric analysis: determination of iron content of an unknown sample. Preparation of hexamine nickel (II) chloride: estimation of ammonia and nickel bytitrimetric and gravimetric methods Determination of complex composition using simple techniques Preparation of diamagnetic and paramagnetic main group and transition metal acetyl acetonates Synthesis, isolation and spectroscopic characterization of the complexes Synthesis and characterization of ferrocene and acetyl ferrocene Synthesis of the complex and their purification using chromatography Acid base and redox titration of tablets containing Vitamin C Estimation of ascorbic acid in Vitamin C tablets Paper chromatographic separation of Cu2+, Fe3+ and Ni2+Utilization of paper chromatographic techniques to separate the metal salts Spectro photometric determination of phosphate: estimation of phosphate in cola drinks Determination of concentration of phosphates applying Beer Lambert law 8. Potassium trisoxalato ferrate (III): synthesis, analysis and photochemistry Synthesis of the complex and its utilization in blue printing experiment 



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  • Roesky, H. W.; Möckel, K., Chemical Curiosities: spectacular experiments and inspired quotes, VCH, 1996.



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