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Theory: Form envelops and assists function and in the process creates a network of values that is termed as Style. Studies in form and style concern the conceptualization, exploration, and development of form and style in both product design and Visual communication. The course will explore various bases for creative visualization like Fantasy. Metaphors, Cultural connotations and Bionics in the context of form making. From analysis. Analysis of principles of form in relation with society study of evolution of forms in products 2D and 3D space analysis Dominant sub dominant subordinate relationship, Recall of forms. Tensile design Motion and form, Light space analysis. For Visual communication form will be explored in the context of concept communication and the application of information theory to visual structures. This will include case studies of advertisement campaigns like Amul Silk cut etc. The course evaluates patterns of aesthetic, ergonomic and market behavior towards forms. Studio: Form development assignments in both Product and visual communications will deal with the evolution of form in relation with exploration and function. Each assignment will complete the design process and its various stages from conceptualization, comparative studies, and usability issues to market trends as related to the study of Form. The study of the design process will help in understanding the shifts between analytical and creative phases in different stages of design that is conceptualization and manufacturability gaps. Various visual structures and alternative display formats will be explored through the assignments. The course is envisaged in collaboration with assignments from the industry wherever possible in which the primary work will take place in the Lab and the critical evaluation in the industry. The course requires extensive field study for usability and market trends.





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