Aparna Dar

PhD (S.U.N.Y StonyBrook, USA)

Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics.


Research Interest



  • PhD, State University of New York at StonyBrook , U.S.A. in December 1984.
    Thesis Title:Intersection R-Torsion and Analytic Torsion for Pseudomanifolds
    Thesis Supervisor: Professor Jeff Cheeger, N.Y.U, USA
  • Masters in Mathematics from I.I.T. Kanpur in May, 1980.



  • Real Analysis, Topology, Differential Geometry, Algebraic Topology, Knot Theory

  • Intersection R-Torsion and Analytic Torsion for Pseudomanifolds, Mathematische Zeitschrift, Number 194, pages 193-216 (1987)

  • Intersection Whitehead Torsion and the s-cobordism theorem for Pseudomanifolds, Mathematische Zeitschrift, Number 199, pages 171-179 (1988)

  • Simplicial Intersection Homology Theory, Euler Characterestic and a Simplicial Lefchetz Fixed Point Theorem, Indian Journal of Mathematics, (B.N.Prasad Birth Centenary Commemoration Volume), Volume 42, No2 pages 221-231(2000)

  • Amphicheiral Knots with every even crossing number , Journal of Knot Theory and its Ramifications, Volume 16, Number 1, January 2007 , Pages 43-44

  • Examples of amphicheiral knots of braid index 3, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India, Section-A , Volume 81, Part 3, pages 221-222 (2011)

  • Editorial Board of the Journal “ Mathematics Student “ Published by the Indian Mathematical Society as of 12 April 2022.


  • Solved Kirby's open problem on Knot Theory " Are there alternating amphicheiral knots of every even crossing number" with a positive, affirmative class of examples (JKTR Vol 16 2007).
    Discovered new symmetries which give new classes of amphicheiral knots of braid index 3 (Proc Nat Acad Sciences,
    Vol 81, 2011). Presently continuing research in the area of knot theory specially braid closures and Jones polynomials.


  • Post Doctoral member at the Instute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A
    from Sepember 1984-85.

  • Post Doctoral visiting position at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, (T.I.F.R), Mumbai
    from August 1985-July 1987.

  • Post-Doctoral visiting position at Institute of Mathematical Sciences, (MatScience), Chennai
    from January 1988- July 1988

  • Post-Doctoral visiting position at International Centre for Theoretical Physics (I.C.T.P),
    Trieste, Italy from December 1988-June 1989.

  • Joined as Lecturer in Mathematics at I.I.T. Kanpur in 1989 and have been employed here
    since then.


  • Received Distinguished Teacher Award on Teachers Day, 5 September 2020 from the Director, I.I.T. Kanpur

  • Received Excellence in Teaching Award on Teachers Day, 5 September 2020 from the Director, I.I.T. Kanpur

  • Deeply interested in spiritual traditions , knowledge and philosophy. Am an active member
    of Gayatri Pariwar, a worldwide spiritual organization, with a following of over a million
    Also very interested in empowerment of women and protection of the girl child. Am a member of Manushi, an Indian group for Empowerment of women and underprivileged.

    Also interested in musical traditions of both east and west. Have learnt Indian classical music from Dagar family in the Dhrupad tradition.



Faculty Building,
Room Number 504.
IIT Kanpur,
Kanpur 208016.

Office Phone: 0512-259-7926 (O)
Fax: 0512-259-7500

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  • Knot Theory, Algebraic Topology, Differential Geometry


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