PhD (Max-Planck Institute)

Professor, Department of Physics




  • PhD, Max-Planck Institute, Gottingen, Germany (2004-2007)
  • M.Tech, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Delhi (2001-2003)
  • M.Sc., Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. (1998- 2000)



  • J. Barman, D. Swain, B. M. Law, R. Seemann, S. Herminghaus and Krishnacharya "Electrowetting Actuated Microfluidic Transport in Surface Grooves with Triangular Cross Section" in press Langmuir (2014)

  • R. Pant, S. Singha, A. Bandyopadhyay and Krishnacharya "Investigation of static and dynamic wetting transitions of UV responsive tunable wetting surfaces" Applied Surface Science 292, 777 (2014)

  • C. Jin, Krishnacharya, S. Vajpayee, S. Yang, A. Jagota and C.-Y. Hui "Adhesive contact between a rippled elastic surface and a rigid spherical indenter: from partial to full contact" Soft Matter 7, 10728 (2011)

  • R. Seemann, M. Brinkmann, S. Herminghaus, Krishnacharya, B. M. Law, S. McBride, K. Kostourou, E. Gurevich, S. Bommer, C. Herrmann and D. Michler "Wetting morphologies and their transitions in grooved substrates" Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 23, 184108 (2011)

  • Krishnacharya, S. Vajpayee, S. Yang, C.-Y. Hui and A. Jagota "Adhesion selectivity using rippled surfaces" Advanced Functional Materials 21, 547 (2011)

  • S. Yang, Krishnacharya and P.-C. Lin "Harnessing surface wrinkle patterns in soft matter" Advanced Functional Materials 20, 2550 (2010)

  • Krishnacharya, J. Zhou and S. Yang "Tunable open-channel microfluidics on soft poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) substrates with sinusoidal grooves" Langmuir 25, 12794 (2009)

  • Krishnacharya, S. Herminghaus, J.-C. Baret, B. M. Law, M. Brinkmann and R. Seemann, "Switching liquid morphologies on linear grooves" Langmuir 23, 12997 (2007)

  • Krishnacharya, M. Brinkmann, B. M. Law, E. Gurevich, S. Herminghaus and R. Seemann, "Dewetting of liquid filaments in wedge shaped grooves" Langmuir 23, 12138 (2007)


  • "Fabrication of tunable wetting surfaces based on responsive polymers" DAE Research Award for Young Scientists (2011-2014) (17 Lakh)

  • "Fabrication of responsive surfaces with tunable nano-roughness and study of wetting transitions" DST NanoMission (2011-2016) (50 Lakh)

  • Received CARE-2011 from IIT Kanpur to purchase a high end "Automated dynamic contact angle goniometer" (2011) (44 lakhs)

  • "Investigation of slip-length of Newtonian fluids from dewetting dynamics in triangular grooves" DST Fast track Scheme for Young Scientists (2012-2015) (23 Lakh)

  • "Stable Superhydrophobic Coating on Steel Surfaces for Corrosion Prevention And Water Drag Reduction" Research grant from Tata Steel (2013-2014) (20 Lakh)

  • "Investigation and fabrication of self-cleaning and slippery surfaces with low water friction" Research grant from Unilever R&D (2013-2014) (15.45 Lakh)

  • "Fabrication of lubricating liquid based slippery surfaces on hydrophilic samples" Research grant from Unilever R&D (2014-2015) (18.25 Lakh)


  • Max-Planck Research Fellowship during PhD

  • DST Young Scientist Research Award

  • DAE Young Scientist Research Award

  • Director's commendation for outstanding teaching at IITK - numerous times



Department of Physics
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Kanpur 208016

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