Modeling Of Natural Systems




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Prerequisites:MTH102A, CE211A

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Introduction: concepts of scale in natural systems, brief review of the fate processes in the environment, examples of natural systems, principles of model formulation, calibration, validation, error estimation and sensitivity analysis. Derivation of generalized mass balance equation for contaminants in incompressible fluid (water) in the non inertial frame of reference. River Modeling: one dimensional advection dispersion reaction model, river properties and estimation of parameters, different forcing situations (point, non point, aerial sources and sinks), sediment water interaction. Estuary Modeling: types and properties, flow characterization, advection dispersion models, salt gradient box models. Lake Modeling: box models, generalized models, special considerations for large lakes, sediment mixing and interaction with water column. Wet lands : box models for flow, equilibrium and kinetic geochemical models for redox reactions, transport of heavy metals. 



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