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Course outline, grading policy, introduction to geochemical cycles, periodic table, Origin of the universe and Earth, Earths history from its creation to Anthropocene, The Basics: Nuclear (in) stability, isotopes, particles, modes of radioactive decay, chart of nuclides, nucleosynthesis, Nucleosynthesis continued, Thermodynamics, Radioactive decay, principles of geochronology and isochrons, radiogenic isotopes as geochronometer and process tracers, mixing and modeling calculations, Rb Sr, SmNd, UThPb and Re Os systematics, Cosmogenic radio nuclides: 14C, 10Be, 26Al theory, models and applications, Discussion on assignments2 & 3, as well as reading material, Fractionation of stable isotopes, H, O, C, Discussion on assignment4 and reading material, Mass spectrometry: Measurement principles and methodology, techniques such as isotope dilution.




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