Fundamental Of Computing





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Stored program concept (with simple computer simulator), machine language and instruction formats, assembly language for the simple computer. Integer representation, finite representation of real numbers, overflow, underflow, errors due to finite representations. Expressions, values and variables, types, lvalue, rvalue, unary, binary, ternary operations. Conditionals, if then, if then else, nested conditionals, switch case. Loops, for, while, repeat, loop in variants, precondition, post condition. Functions and return values, arguments, pass by value, effect of passing pointers (like pass by reference). Recursion. Arrays, enums, searching, sorting. Pointers, lists, dynamic data structures, stack, queue, graphs, trees related algorithms, memory and its management. Elementary complexity motivation, concrete complexity, big O notation. Linux tools, introduction to shell programming. Elementary numerical problem solving will addressed largely through some labs e.g. root finding, solutions of systems of linear equations, integration, solution of ODEs. 


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