Nature and Properties of Materials





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Structure Processing Property performance relations. space lattices, unit cells, cubic and HCP structures, Miller indices, Packing, interstitials, different ceramic structures; Non crystalline/nanocrystal line materials definitions, concept of Tg, local order, Different polymer structures. LTPD[C]3131[5]LTPD[C]3101[4]26 Structure determination using X-ray diffraction (Braggs diffraction and structure factor for cubic lattices); Point defects, edge and screw dislocations their notation and concepts, energy of a dislocation, stacking fault, grains and grain boundaries, bulk defects; PHASE EVOLUTION: Definition of diffusivity, concept of activation energy, examples of diffusion process; Definition of a phase, phase rule, unary and binary (eutectic, eutectic with terminal solid solutions) systems and examples, phase diagrams of important metal and ceramic systems, Nucleation and growth (homogeneous and heterogeneous), Introduction to TTT curves, examples of various transformations; 




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