Joydeep Dutta

PhD (IIT Kharagpur)

Professor, Economics Sciences, Department of Economic Sciences

Research Interest



  • Phd, Mathematics, IIT Kharagpur, 1998.
  • M.Sc., Mathematics, IIT Kharagpur, 1993
  • B.Sc., Mathematics (Hons) ,University of Calcutta, (St. Xavier's College) 1991




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  • Co-authored, "Principles of Optimization Theory" with Professor C. R. Bector (University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada) and Professor Suresh Chandra, (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi). Published by Narosa Publishers, New Delhi, India, September 2004 and Alpha Science International, Harrow, U. K, 2005. Pages 224. (Revised and Expanded edition under preparation)

  • Co-authored, “Optimality Conditions in Convex Optimization : A Finite Dimensional View”, with Anulekha Dhara. , published by CRC/ Taylor and Francis on October 17th 2011.

  • Visiting Fellowship of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture, June 2000.

  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship of the National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM), India, December 1998.

  • Junior Research Fellowship, University Grants Commission, Government of India, 1993.

  • Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering Scholarship, Government of India,1993.


    • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

    • MATHS 101 - Basic Engineeing Mathematics ( Instructor)

    • Optimization Methods ( Instructor)

    • Numerical Analysis ( Instructor)

Indian Institute of Technology , Kanpur :

  • ESO 209 : Probability and Statistics ( Tutorial Instructor)

  • MTH-102 : Linear Algebra and Complex Variables ( Tutorial Instructor)

  • MTH 506 : Principles of Optimization ( Instructor)

  • MTH 101 : Calculus (Institute Core-Course) (Instructor/ Tutorial Instructor)

  • MTH 306 : Linear Programming and Extensions(Instructor)

  • MTH203 : Ordinary and partial differential equations ( Tutorial Instructor)

  • MTH102 : Linear Algebra and Complex Variables (Institute Core-Course)(Instructor).

  • ECO261/261A : Mathematical Economics.

  • Introduced and taught a new interdisciplinary course titled : Multiobjective Optimization : Theory, Methods and Applications, jointly with Professor Kalyanmoy Deb of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

  • Developed and taught a new course titled : Foundations of Mathematical Finance (MTH 512) in the Spring-Semester 2007 and 2013.

  • Developed and taught a new course titled : Advanced Quantitative Finance (MTH 659) in the Spring-Semester of 2008.

  • Developed a graduate course titled : Mathematical Analysis for Economists (ECO760A / ECO 760).



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Department of Humanities and Social Sciences,
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Office Phone: 0512-259-7568 (O)

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