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Business to Business Marketing encompasses those management activities that enable a supplier firm to understand, create, and deliver value to other businesses, governments, and/or institutional customers. Business to business marketing is also referred to as business market management an industrial marketing. In year past, the topical area applied largely to industrial manufacturing firms. Today, business to business marketing provides practical frameworks, concepts, and tools for organizations as diverse as management consulting firms, investment banks, software solutions providers, and integrated supply management operations, among many other leading edge technology and service companies. As business to business marketing expands its scope and stature, this course aims at reinvigorating training in marketing beyond the tired old, 4Ps plus industrial examples format. This course will emphasize the inter relatedness of concepts such as multifunctional teams, strategic alliance environmental sensitivity, inter organizational trust, organizational learning and adherence to ethical principles. Furthermore, with the advent of relationship and network theories, this course emphasizes that business marketer must learn not only to create value, but also to equitably share value with customer firms. Understanding of business buying and marketing behavior within the context of relationship/network theories is the central learning from this proposed elective. Given this background, the overall objectives of this course are to create an understanding of the current state of art of organizational buying behavior and business to business marketing. 



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