In the chain of motivational lectures series Lt Gen A ARUN, YSM, SMVSM General Officer Commanding Dakshin Bharat Area, addressed the students of IIT Kanpur



Col Ashok Mor, the Officer In charge NCC at IIT Kanpur introduced Lt Gen A Arun, Yudh Seva Medal (YSM), Sena Medal (SM), Vishisht Seva Medal (VSM) to the first-year students. Col Ashok Mor informed that Lt Gen A. Arun was seriously wounded in operations in J&K, a recipient of the Sena Medal for Gallantry, YSM for Outstanding Leadership in Conflict, the VSM for Distinguished Leadership and Outstanding Service. Four COAS Commendation in addition to the ‘North Star Medal for Excellence.

Lt Gen A Arun in his address to the students said “I am speaking to the best and the brightest in the world. That’s what you are and that’s what you need to believe.

I will tell you a story and you can take what ever you want from it. I was a 2IC of a Unit and whenever my CO when on leave and I use to perform the duty of CO, something use to happen like land slide, vehicle would go downhill and someone would get injured etc. The Brigade commander would give me a mouthful, but we got along because at the same time we would conduct Counter Terrorist operations giving lot of results. So, it is those small mistakes are over looked because of your positive actions.

He said leaders are made. You can think of making yourself a Technocrat, a CEO. Leadership means Responsibility. When you move out you wear a T Shirt or a logo of IIT Kanpur the IIT K and you are an ambassador of IIT Kanpur, this is how you own your institute. Whatever research or things that you can create for the world outside etc, all these things help in building Brand IIT Kanpur. So, it’s you who owns IIT Kanpur and not anyone else. Be a good ambassador and make your institute proud.

Each Team member should believe that they own the company that you create or are a part of. Delegation of responsibility is also a big aspect, delegate responsibility in your life and company, make your team feel they are part of it.

I see you as entrepreneur, leader or a good employe of a big firm. Either you run a company or produce something that is outstanding because that’s what you are capable of.

Always give right job to the wright man and that you will learn with a bit of experience. Use Diligence in decision making. Know the ability of your team and resources available to you.

Emphasise the importance of Team building and even in the times of online classes please make friends.

Even if you are busy, do a physical exercise for 30 min. A good body helps a good mind to think faster.

I was 13th rank in JEE and joined IIT Chennai but I left IIT Chennai and joined NDA. Because Army is not a job or a profession but a way of Life, where you and your team are ready to give their life for the Nation and for each other.

Visualise the tomorrow and think of solutions and that’s what leaders do, plan.

It was a pleasure to speaking to the students … Do good for the Nation Do good for yourself … Jai Hind.



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