In the chain of motivational lecture series Mr Pradeep Singh IAS (AIR-01. 2019) addressed the First-year students of IIT Kanpur.



Col Ashok Mor, the Officer In charge NCC at IIT Kanpur introduced the guest speaker and gave small introduction about Mr Pradeep Singh IAS.

In his address to the students of IIT Kanpur Mr Pradeep Singh said “I started my education from my village and then moved to a small town Sonipat and did my class 12th from Sonipat followed by B Tech (Computer Science) from College in Marthual.

These are difficult times so take care of yourself. The country is going through difficult times and also in economy. You being the brightest minds in the country need to plan and make a difference to the nation after completing the education. You need to do something different, invention or may be research or go for some startup in the times to come. You need to have a big vision for the Nation, for your town, your village. You need to think about the humanity as a whole.

Though you have reached IIT but there is a big world ahead and the nation and the countrymen have lot of expectation from you as you are the fortunate ones to get educated from an IIT but I was not. with their vast capability and they have always stood the test of time in helping the nation be it the Making of Ventilator at IIT Kanpur in the COVID times or other creations. Do live up what your institute has always done in the past.

I cleared NDA written but I wanted to go in to IAS so, I gave a miss to NDA so in the same way you too need to fix your goals. You need to manage your time, I too even with my job I prepared for my UPSC and was able to achieve my aim. Yes, you need to make sacrifices for your goals, please do it. In last four years I have missed lot of my family functions and friends’ get-togethers, all for my Goal.

With this i wish luck to the students you all to stay safe in the pandemic times and take care your family and friends.



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