Motivational lectures by Mr Sanjay Kundu IPS



In the chain of motivational lectures this time it was Mr Sanjay Kundu IPS , DGP Himachal Pradesha recipient of “Police Medal for Gallantry (PMG)” who addressed the First year students of IIT Kanpur online.

Col Ashok Mor, the Officer In charge NCC at IIT Kanpur introduced the guest speaker and gave small introduction about Mr Sanjay Kundu ,Director General of Police. Col Ashok Mor told that Mr Sanjay Kundu is an alumnus of MNSS Rai. Mr. Sanjay Kundu did his Marine Engineering in 1985. In the year 1989 he cleared UPSC and joined Indian Police Serve. Mr Sanjay Kundu was awarded Sward of Honour in the National Police Academy, Hyderabad.

In his address to the students of IIT Kanpur Mr Sanjay Kundu said that this his second opportunity to address the students and last time he was fortunate to visit IIT Kanpur and speak to the students personally in the auditorium. He said that he became friends with some of the students on social media be it Facebook or LinkedIn and they have been interacting with me and keep following me since then.

He said that in today’s environment due to pandemic, we have to live with COVID and move on.

He congratulated all for joining IITK. The story starts here and doesn’t end here. The completion in your DNA has to carryon in life to achieve bigger goals and results andto be successful in life. You will make new friends, the set of friends you choose in college remain all your life. So choose good set of friends who will support you and be with u in good times and not that good times. There will be change of place so there will be angsty and may be stress as you have moved out of your comfort zone. Some people adjust to the new environment and some mall adjusts. Pear should lookout for students who are going down in performance. The institute’s concentration is towards success and students those who are successful, but those who fall through the cracks need to be taken care. Though to success in life you have to beat someone to succeed, now that you have entered IIT you have to keep working hard. Even if make big in life to UPSC or something, don’t stop thinking and developing in life as everyday is a learning experience.

Please make schedule, Daily,weekly, monthly and yearly schedule. Some weeks are busy some are light but ensure you don’t keep a pending work beyond a week. If it amounts to working on weekend please do so but don’t keep a baggage and please follow it all your life.

Please do one hour of exercise and one hour of generic reading every day. The generic reading should be beyond your curricular books. The physical exercises lift your spirits. The people who don’t do physical exercise age fast. Eat good food, have good sleep and don’t go in to a mode of sleep deprivation. Do keep going back home it will always be a stress buster. Develop a hobby that will see you through all your life. Eg music, reading, tracking, ridingetc, this will give you an edge over other students.

Life is not only about academics, but its about leadership as to who beats who, who can lead. Students should think and innovate and understand the basics. You need to read fast, learn fast and put in your own words for best results. Always develop strong knowledge base. Skill sets and attitudes. Innovate as no one remembers people in this world who repeats things, people remembers innovators as they have created wealth out of nowhere egTata , Ambani , etc because they are innovators.

I am in Shimla and I am deeply impressed by the story of Shri Mohan Sing Oberoi, the person who started Oberoi Hotels. He wanted to be a PWD Clerk in Shimla, took the exam and he failed. But that did not discourage as a clerk , he started in hotel Sisal as a clerk managing account books for coal used for heating the rooms. From there he started and made his first hotel Clark and then he made 40 hotels. Today his group employs more than one lakh people. World respects and respects such innovators and creators. Do read biography of such successful people, they are highly inspiring as they have been extremely devoted in their life to the cause. Always good relation with your peers and subordinates, sometimes your subordinates also teach you a lot.

Gender and Diversity is a very important thing and we should learn from people of diverse culture and thinking. Same is the case with gender, women are 50% of the society and hence we as society cannot progress if they don’t progress with others.Always set your long term, short term and medium-term goals and all of them should be align with your aim.

Always have the fun and seize the moment. Have fun everyday as that opportune moment that you think of having fun will come when you get a job or after marriage or after having children, that moment will never come so Have Fun daily share of fun every day and build your life like that. Don’t get too serious.

There is no second world, whatever pleasure you can get is from this world and today. So, enjoy the moment.

Gentlemen we are yet to see a Noble Prize winner from IIT’s, let’s think on these lines and hope you all will think on the similar lines.

He made a mentioned the case of drink called RED Bull, where in a person who started it created wealth from nowhere and today it is the highest selling drink in the world after tea and coffee. Today they have Racing Team , baseball team , baseball team etc.

The time for repetitive aspect is over, let’s be innovative. You should make yourself proud and their family pride by the innovation I various field in life.

In a reply to a question by a student Siddarth Govil as how did the DGP get his gallantry award. Mr Sanjay Kundu narrated the incident when just after basic training and probation he was on his first posting he led an operation in which they killed three terrorists and saved a child from the terrorists who had kidnapped him and was awarded the “Police Medal for Gallantry”.


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