Thermodynamics & Phase Equilibria





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Course Contents

  1. Introduction, Thermodynamics terminology .

  2. First law First law of thermodynamics and its applications.

  3. Second Law Second law of thermodynamics and its consequences, Combined statement of first and second laws.

  4. Statistical interpretation of entropy, entropy and Interpretations disorder .

  5. Thermodynamic Auxiliary functions: Helmholtz free energy, functions Gibbs free energy, Chemical potential, Maxwell's relations, Gibbs Helmholtz equations.

  6. Third law Third law of thermodynamics

  7. Phase equiliblia in Phase equilibria in one component systems: single component system variation of Gibbs free energy with temperature and pressure, Clausius Clapeyron equation, PTdiagram

  8. Solutions Thermodynamics_ of solutions: Raoult's and Henry's Law, activity of a component, Regular solutions, Gibbs Duhem equation and its application, non ideal solutions, Sievert's Law, activity and alternative standard states, dilute solutions and interaction mtrameters.

  9. Reaction Equilibria Equilibrium constant, Reaction equilibria for (a) homogeneous reactions consisting of gas mixtures, (b) heterogeneous reactions consisting of condensed phases and gas mixtures, Ellingham Diagram.

  10. Phase rules Phase rules and its applications, Lever Rulell. Electrochemical cells Them1odynamics of electrochemical cells: Relation between chemical and electrical driving forces, Nemst equation, Concentration and formation cells, then no dynamics of aqueous solutions. Fundamentals of Free energy composition

  11. Free energy diagram for binary systems. Examples of composition diagram common binary Free energy composition diagrams: Eutectic, Eutectoid, Peritectic etc. 13. Phase diagrams Study of some common phase diagrams, such as FeC, CuZn, AlCu, Fe0Si02 and evolution of equilibrium microstructure on cooling.





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