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1. Ionic conductivity Conductivity measurement as a function of temperature for different samples 2. Dielectric and ferroelectric/piezoelectric materials Measurement of dielectric constant Hysteresis loop. 3. Optical behavior of Liquid Crystals Measure response to applied field Measure the transmittance Measure threshold voltage. 4. Fabrication of organic light emitting diodes Partial fabrication of organic polymer light emitting diodes Characterization of an OLED. 5. Magnetic materials Magneto-resistance MH curves. 6. Semiconductor characterization Semiconductors resistivity Hall measurement Band gap measurement. 7. Solar cell fabrication and characterization Fabrication of organic photovoltaic cells (PV) cells Characterization of solar cells 8. Processing of biomaterials Fabricate biomaterials using (i) compression molding (for entire component), and(ii) electrostatic spraying (for coatings). 9. Tribology of bio-coatings Tribology of two samples: (i) polymer with modifier (ii) polymer without modifier for comparison purpose. Comparison with metallic substrates (demo). 10. Biomimetics/ Surface modification. 11. Effect of surface energy on wetting of surfaces Samples prepared by the students measuring the contact angle. Role of surface roughness/ chemistry on affecting the wet ability of surface.12. Effect of surface modification on Bacteria/ Cell growth Effect of surface modification/functionalization characterized by comparing cell growth/proliferation on treated versus pristine surfaces. One or more of the following will be performed by students to learn cell response: (i) Role of surface chemistry (hydrophobic/ hydrophilic and hydrophobic/ hydrophilic modifier) (ii) Role of surface roughness.





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