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Deformation Behavior of Metals during Rolling and study of the associated microstructural changes, Fluidity Measurement during Casting, Permanent mold casting and casting defect evaluation, Effect of MMAW and MIG Welding on the Microstructure and HAZ in Steels, TIG and OAW Welding of Aluminium Alloys, To Study Various Characteristics of Metal Powders and Evaluate the effect of particle size and shape on the green density, apparent density and green strength of cold-compacted powders, Conventional and Microwave Sintering of Particulate Compacts, PM Design of Engineering Components (CD-Based Design Expt), Structural Nano-Materials through ECAP, Spray Forming of Alloys and MMCs, Micro-Extrusion of Alloys, Injection molding of thermoplastic polymers (e.g. PE, PP), 3-Dimensional Printing (3DP) of designed structures, Thin film deposition using evaporation technique.




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