Science and Technology of Thin Films and Device Fabrication





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1. Introduction: Introduction to device processing steps4 Examples of various devices (with emphasis on solar cells and MOSFETs) Need for miniaturization Thin Film Deposition 2. Basics of thin film Brief review of kinetic theory growth Adsorption and desorption 3. Film growth: nucletion and growth kinetics Epitaxy Thin film growth control 4. PVD Processes Evaporation (Thermal and ebeam) 5. Principles of glow discharge and various sputtering processes4. Chemical Growth Fundamentals of CVD growth Processes 4 Modern variants: MOCVD, PECVD and ALD Spin Coating5. Basic Thin Film Thickness measurement Characterization Phase analysis 1 Optical analysis Morphology analysis Device Fabrication6. Substrate selection. Selection of substrates and preparation, Single crystal growth (Silicon)3 Role of substrate surface and contaminants Physical and chemical methods of substrate surfacepreparation 7. Pattern fabrication Concepts of lithography Photo resists (Negative, Positive etc) Exposure Development 5 Masking Variants of lithography with emphasis on Photo and ebeam Precautionary steps8. Material Removal Wet (Chemical) and dry (Plasma, RIE etc.) etching 59. Jon implantation, Doping and ion Implantation Doping, oxidation 6 Diffusion control of composition in devices and heat treatment Oxidation and heat treatment10. Metallization and Adhesion and morphology issues Interconnects Introduction to electro-migration visavis metallization: 2Impact on device performance and methods of prevention11. Process Integration Example of process integration for a particular kind offer a particular case device e.g. Si Solar Cell, MOSFET, 111V solar cell devices 4 (take the case of a device)


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