Surface Phenomena And Characterization





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Surface Chemistry/Interaction (surface charge, dipoles, energies, interfacial chemical reactions), Surface Phonons/Plasmons (Quantisation of plasma, light and, sound, Brillioun Zones), Elastic/Inelastic scattering, Electromagnetic scattering (Compton, Rayleigh, Rutherford, Thomson), Crystal structure and Reciprocal Lattice, Brillouim Zone, Surface Diffusion (Fick's law, intergraular/amorphous layer formation), Surface Energy/Young's Equation (Capillary/surface tension in fluids), Surface Sensitive Properties : Pussivation/Adsorption (Forces/Chemical bonds on surface), Interfacial wetting (formation of interfaces, contact angle in wetting surfaces), Density functional theory of atomic equilibrium, Case Studies: FeB49system, and Al2O3carbon nano tube, Surface Modification/Unctionalization Nanostructures: Self Assembly (adding molecules to surface), Distribution of phase : Voronoi and Dirichlet Tessellation, Molecular Sieves (Molecular filters : purification of gases/chemicals etc).



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